Monday, 26 January 2015

Book Review: Girl Online.

Okay so im aware this photo has already included in one of my earlier posts but i havent taken anymore and this is pretty enough anyway. So i thought i give my first book review a go tonight.

So Girl Online is not Zoe Suggs biography like i first thought its a brilliant novel written by Zoe and now apparently a Ghost writer but i dont care its still great and so is Zoe.
Anyway the book is about a young girl going through the hell that is secondary school/high school. Also her dealing with having anxiety and reacurring panic attacks, but dont worry theres happy parts too! One of them being the main characters (Penny) bestfriend Elliot, who is amazing and hilarious. When things start going from bad to worse for Penny at school her family are invited to America to plan a wedding (Pennys mums a wedding planner Btw) This is a great thing for Penny as she gets to escape the horrors of humilation and bad guy choices, something we all can relate to. The trip to New York gets even better when sassy bestfriend Elliot gets invited *inside woops*. With some bumps along the way everything gets smoothed out when Penny meets rock god Noah. They instantly are obsessed with each other and the rest of the holiday is spent having cute picnics and visits to Brooklyn. After things get serious with Noah Penny has to leave the fairytale of New York (hehe) and goes back to reality she finds that everything begins to fall apart and maybe Noah isn't who she thought he was. Im not going to tell you what happens as the bomb that gets dropped at the end of the book is not for sharing if you haven't read it so im gonna stay quiet.

So my view on the book was pretty much positive except for some of the cheesy lines and some of the annoying ass characters which are supposed to be annoying probaly. I think how Zoe tackled the whole mental health issue on anxiety was brilliant as it wasn't in your face and just made you think about how mental health problems really effect peoples lives and sometimes they stucture how people lives work out. I think mental health isn't something we should ignore or push to the side as it's a real issue that we need to tackle. Just like we wouldn't ignore someone with a broken leg, ill health can happen in any part of the body and thats just a fact. Some people don't have the choice to just push problems aside they have to get out of bed on a morning and deal with the day ahead knowing it may be harder than yesterday and then remembering how god damn awful yesterday actually was.

Anyway id give the book a
4 out of 5
Well done Zoe, i loved your Novel.

Emily x


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Revision, Test and Relaxing-ish

So i had my first GSCE mock this week, It was for science which i quite enjoy. However it was my first time of having to properly revise and getting myself ready for this semi big deal test. When i was first told i had a mock exam i wasn't really fussed because id never done one and id never known what it was like. Then my teachers went revision crazy, then i soon came to realise that this test was kinda important and i had to get my shit together. So this week all ive done is revise and stare at text books while maybe sneaking in a few Pretty Little Liars episodes here and there. I have a tip for you guys when it comes to revising, make hella lots of acrostics! Heres mine for the nervous system.

S timulus
R eceptor
I  mpulse
S ensory neurone              you say it in your head like
REL ay neurone                   S.e.R.I.ou.S.    REL.M      E.R.
M otor neurone
E ffecter
R esponse

I know its random but i now know the nervous system order off by heart so it helps so much! Anyway when it came to the test there were no questions about The Nervous systems. Typical. However i think i did okay so fingers crossed for the results!

Comment if you have any Revision/Studying Techniques!

Emily x

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Gym time!

So wierdly i went to the gym for the first time ever this week and i went with my mum. I would just like to say my arse is still killing me and i cannot walk downstairs properly anymore, but hey it felt great to do some exercise!

Before i went i made a smoothie, for energy and stuff. It was so beautiful, ill post what i put in. Back to the gym experience though. Me and my mum went to Kents gym which is lovely by the way and my mum thought we'd do a class called Metafit. Well geeze it was like an army bootcamp, non-stop exercises and this guy walking round making sure you were doing right and shouting if you weren't. When we started arm exercises i was skrewed i have no upper body strength and i just kept stopping when he wasn't looking. I have so much respect for my mum who does that class then normally another straight after. My tops from Victoria secret PINK (£20) and my running pants were from Primark (£7).

I'm also aware that my smoothie was in a pasta jar.
Emily x

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Last Of Us (May contain Spoilers)

Hey guys! So over the holidays i bought this game which i'd heard lots of good things about and was very eager to play but had never got the money or chance to buy it. I am so happy i bought this game! Within the first five or so minutes i was terrified maybe that was just me being a pussy but it is full of jumpscares and freaky wierd zombies/'infected' beings. I love how i havent yet got stuck on the game and had to ask my brother for his help. This is a big step for me. Its got stealth, action and a whole lot of horror. One part that really annoys me is that (SPOILER)the girl your transporting hardly ever uses a god damn gun which when your getting attacked every which way, would be very nice if she could giver her assistance. However the game is perfectly made and is so much fun to play. I would also like to warn people not to get attached to the characters as they may leave or die suddenly and it gets very emotional, bad emotional.
Emily x

Christmas Shenanigans.

Okay, so Christmas has been and gone so fast and i already am missing the feeling of excitement. However Christmas was brilliant! The company, the presents and of course the food! Firstly me and my mum planned on making a small batch of gingerbread biscuits for kids at her school, what started as a small batch ended up in us making 275 cookies in total. The cause of this was major miscalculations when thinking how much dough we'd need for how many cookies. However they turned out great and tasted AMAZING. On Christmas eve me, my mum and Bradley my brother went to watch The Hobbit: The battle of the five armies. We intended to watch the film at Odeon until we found out the annoying four year olds in front of us in the line were also watching it. Me and my brother were not going to spend the next 2-3 hours listing to irritating children who dont understand the film yelling. So after an arguement with each other and an awkward car ride to the Vue we enjoyed the film at last. It was very awesome.Very. The morning after, Christmas, was lovely got some awesome presents (inc. American Horror Story jumper and the Brilliant novel by Zoe Sugg) and then we ate a gigantic meal and i genuinely cannot remember the rest of christmas...
I hope all your christmas' were brilliant and as eventful as mine!

Emily x
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