Monday, 26 January 2015

Book Review: Girl Online.

Okay so im aware this photo has already included in one of my earlier posts but i havent taken anymore and this is pretty enough anyway. So i thought i give my first book review a go tonight.

So Girl Online is not Zoe Suggs biography like i first thought its a brilliant novel written by Zoe and now apparently a Ghost writer but i dont care its still great and so is Zoe.
Anyway the book is about a young girl going through the hell that is secondary school/high school. Also her dealing with having anxiety and reacurring panic attacks, but dont worry theres happy parts too! One of them being the main characters (Penny) bestfriend Elliot, who is amazing and hilarious. When things start going from bad to worse for Penny at school her family are invited to America to plan a wedding (Pennys mums a wedding planner Btw) This is a great thing for Penny as she gets to escape the horrors of humilation and bad guy choices, something we all can relate to. The trip to New York gets even better when sassy bestfriend Elliot gets invited *inside woops*. With some bumps along the way everything gets smoothed out when Penny meets rock god Noah. They instantly are obsessed with each other and the rest of the holiday is spent having cute picnics and visits to Brooklyn. After things get serious with Noah Penny has to leave the fairytale of New York (hehe) and goes back to reality she finds that everything begins to fall apart and maybe Noah isn't who she thought he was. Im not going to tell you what happens as the bomb that gets dropped at the end of the book is not for sharing if you haven't read it so im gonna stay quiet.

So my view on the book was pretty much positive except for some of the cheesy lines and some of the annoying ass characters which are supposed to be annoying probaly. I think how Zoe tackled the whole mental health issue on anxiety was brilliant as it wasn't in your face and just made you think about how mental health problems really effect peoples lives and sometimes they stucture how people lives work out. I think mental health isn't something we should ignore or push to the side as it's a real issue that we need to tackle. Just like we wouldn't ignore someone with a broken leg, ill health can happen in any part of the body and thats just a fact. Some people don't have the choice to just push problems aside they have to get out of bed on a morning and deal with the day ahead knowing it may be harder than yesterday and then remembering how god damn awful yesterday actually was.

Anyway id give the book a
4 out of 5
Well done Zoe, i loved your Novel.

Emily x


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