Saturday, 10 January 2015

Gym time!

So wierdly i went to the gym for the first time ever this week and i went with my mum. I would just like to say my arse is still killing me and i cannot walk downstairs properly anymore, but hey it felt great to do some exercise!

Before i went i made a smoothie, for energy and stuff. It was so beautiful, ill post what i put in. Back to the gym experience though. Me and my mum went to Kents gym which is lovely by the way and my mum thought we'd do a class called Metafit. Well geeze it was like an army bootcamp, non-stop exercises and this guy walking round making sure you were doing right and shouting if you weren't. When we started arm exercises i was skrewed i have no upper body strength and i just kept stopping when he wasn't looking. I have so much respect for my mum who does that class then normally another straight after. My tops from Victoria secret PINK (£20) and my running pants were from Primark (£7).

I'm also aware that my smoothie was in a pasta jar.
Emily x

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