Sunday, 18 January 2015

Revision, Test and Relaxing-ish

So i had my first GSCE mock this week, It was for science which i quite enjoy. However it was my first time of having to properly revise and getting myself ready for this semi big deal test. When i was first told i had a mock exam i wasn't really fussed because id never done one and id never known what it was like. Then my teachers went revision crazy, then i soon came to realise that this test was kinda important and i had to get my shit together. So this week all ive done is revise and stare at text books while maybe sneaking in a few Pretty Little Liars episodes here and there. I have a tip for you guys when it comes to revising, make hella lots of acrostics! Heres mine for the nervous system.

S timulus
R eceptor
I  mpulse
S ensory neurone              you say it in your head like
REL ay neurone                   S.e.R.I.ou.S.    REL.M      E.R.
M otor neurone
E ffecter
R esponse

I know its random but i now know the nervous system order off by heart so it helps so much! Anyway when it came to the test there were no questions about The Nervous systems. Typical. However i think i did okay so fingers crossed for the results!

Comment if you have any Revision/Studying Techniques!

Emily x

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