Friday, 2 January 2015

The Last Of Us (May contain Spoilers)

Hey guys! So over the holidays i bought this game which i'd heard lots of good things about and was very eager to play but had never got the money or chance to buy it. I am so happy i bought this game! Within the first five or so minutes i was terrified maybe that was just me being a pussy but it is full of jumpscares and freaky wierd zombies/'infected' beings. I love how i havent yet got stuck on the game and had to ask my brother for his help. This is a big step for me. Its got stealth, action and a whole lot of horror. One part that really annoys me is that (SPOILER)the girl your transporting hardly ever uses a god damn gun which when your getting attacked every which way, would be very nice if she could giver her assistance. However the game is perfectly made and is so much fun to play. I would also like to warn people not to get attached to the characters as they may leave or die suddenly and it gets very emotional, bad emotional.
Emily x

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