Friday, 6 March 2015

Review: Benefit's Roller Lash mascara

Hey guys, basically ive been searching the earth for the Elle magazine which includes the free sample of Benefits Roller Lash mascara. Everywhere was sold out by the time i was aware of its exsistence and had the money. But alas! A not so local corner shop had it in, i got it and was super excited to use the mascara. I did think it would be a bigger sample but then i thought, its free and was exclusive (Benefit had released Roller Lash in stores by the time i got my hands on the magazine). So i tried it this morning and Wow! It is fab-u-lous. The curling effect took shape straight away and i could tell the difference from the plastic wand?.. i think its called that. To the brissles on the Great Lash mascara by Maybelline, i find Great Lash clumps quite a lot because of the brissles so the new fibre plastic 'wand' was an amazing change. Im not the best make-up applier by far but this product made my eyelashes actually presentable.

So overall i would definatly recommend this mascara. I will be buying the larger size after ive finished the tester.

5/5 from me!

Emily x
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