Thursday, 14 May 2015

Beauty haul: Boots.

Beauty hauls are my favourite apart from homeware hauls, but i am yet to age and own a house of my own so none of them for a while. So i went into leeds with my bestfriend (Lucy) with £60 which i thought at the time would get me a lot of stuff. I was mistaken in the first half  an hour i'd spent £37 pounds in boots. Yikes. So this is what i got..

So i got the Soap and Glory Archery brow tint and pencil, This is an absolute god send! My eyebrows aren't well shaped or thick enough so i wanted something that didn't look ridiculous but would make them look good. This is the perfect product for such problems, I mostly use the felt tip side as i find i can control what i do with it more than the pencil side. Also it goes on a lot better than the pencil but im sure if i knew how to use it better it would probably be awesome too. So this gives me enough thickness to look natural as you can make even strokes with the felt tip.
5/5 £10

Next was the Simple Kind to eyes Soothing eye balm, Its a bit of a mouthful but i use this on nights and mornings and it clears most of my bags and it just overall wakes your eyes up. Its not a miracle worker as some other eye products might be but i think it does make a difference just not a catastrophic one.
3/5 £3.99

After that i was wanting a eye shadow that lasted the whole day, since my cheap eyeliner felt tip normally came off after a couple of hours. So i got the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow which i was planning on getting a brush and using it as a liner. The brush i bought was EcoTools Bamboo Flat Eyeliner Brush. This is probably a little thick for eyeliner but it does the job when needed.
Eyeshadow: 4/5 £4.99
Brush:          3/5 £5.49

Second to last on the boots segment was the Rimmel London Colour Rush in shade 700 'Not an illusion' which turns out isnt the shade for me. However it smells Amazing, like vanilla. And feel great on but i just go the wrong shade so always check before you buy.
£5.99 2/5

And last and probaly not that least, an eyelash treatment. Mavala Eye Care Double-Lash okay so this was a buy that me and my bestfriend just thought, well its the cheapest and must be alright. I have no idea if this works or not. I have used it and i think it makes my eyelashes thicker but im not sure totally if it did. However im not the best with routines so i didn't put it on every night like instructed so it might just be my laziness.
£13 3/5

So that was the boots half of the haul and ill be writing up about the Lush products i bought aswell. Thanks for reading.

Emily x

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