Sunday, 12 July 2015

DIY: Tied string t-shirt

 Seen as summer is pretty much here  i thought id give you a Spring/Summer DIY.
Here Goes;

1) Pick an old t-shirt or a new one just one that you dont mind cutting up.

2) On a flat surface closely cut around the sleeves on the inner part of the 'sleeve hole'

3) Then do the same on the inner side of the neck

4) Pull all three holes tight outwards and this should tighten the threads making it look less messy 

5) Go to the bottom of the t-shirt and measure how long you want the tassels to be, taking into account that the longer the tassels the shorter the top is going to be in you.

6) Then start cutting up the shirt to the desired length and keep going cutting strips of the shirt upwards from the bottom hem. Make sure all strips are the same/similar sizes. 

7) Then pull the strings tight from the bottom and this will make them in to a more cylinder shape. Then tie a knot in each tassel.

8) Finish by cutting off the ends of each tassels as there will be the bottom hem of the t-shirt still attached.

Tip: if you want the tassels short you can cut them down when your cutting the bottom end of the t-shirt into strips

Okay, guys I hope you actually found these instructions useful I know a video or some pictures would of probably been easier to understand but I'm not that advanced yet. So I do hope there clear enough for you to get the results you want. Good luck.

Emily x


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