Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lush Haul

Hey, So Lush is very very popular for being amazing and colourful, for smelling nice and being overall magical. The list could go on, So when i was shopping with my bestfriend (lucy) ages ago we always go into lush. I also bought loads from boots which i wrote about here make sure to go check that out too! Anyways Lush are always pleasing and i just love the smell of Lush. Everyone i go in with says its too over whelming but i find it subtle, maybe thats an exagerration but it doesnt phase me at all. I went in knowing what i wanted, I was definatly getting the Charity Pot hand cream but then i got there and was tempted into buying two more products.
First of all im going to start with the hand cream. The Charity Pot hand cream is so wonderful, it smells amazing and not too strong or floral. I find a lot of hand creams are really strong, also this doesn't leave your hands feeling all greasy and uncomfortable plus you only need a tiny little bit to use on all your hands! This means that the price is well worth it, i definatly recommend it. Also these pots go to various charitys, if you want to know more go on the lush website and im sure theyll have some details on there somewhere.
£6.95 for the 95g tub
The second product was the Think Pink bath bomb this bath bomb is adorable in and out of the bath its got little rice paper hearts in it that look like confetti in the bath and the water goes pink. Its so girly and pink perfect for a nice relaxing night. 
Finally my favourite the Its Raining Men shower gel, this smells like the most amazing thing ever. Its made with real honey and wild flowers and when your in the shower it smells even better when you use it. Once again you dont need to use a lot of it and it can be used for shampoo too! This is definatly going to be a regular buy.
£9.50 for the 250g bottle
So that was my lush haul, hope you enjoyed.
Emily x

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