Friday, 15 May 2015

The Gymnasium Talk: May

Okay so i think im going to do a little series of Gym talks. I started the gym about 4 months ago and i must say its changed my life actually. I feel so much happier about myself and i can feel my body get stronger. I started the gym with absolutley no upper body strength no matter what, I struggled doing easy press ups the ones when your on your knees. I know i was weak. However now i can do at least 5 regular proper press ups and im so proud of that little acheivement! I know it might not seem very dramatic but it is and i now know i have a better chance of pulling myself up if i get in the situation of me hanging off a building with only my arms to save me. Mid-writing this post i realised i can see the veins in my hands moving, worrying i just rang my mum who said they were turning into 'Gym hands' must say im not happy with this part of the process. They look like worms under my hands, not loving this. Anyway i digress, i think if you are down with how you look or feel you should join a gym and it will not only make you physically better but mentally too. I would just like to say that you shouldn't be joining a gym to please anyone but yourself, i only wanted to loose weight so i could wear anything id like and be comfortable. Always do something for yourself and not because anyone else would prefer you like that. About the mental benefit, i used to be a very moody person and used to worry about a lot of things. This sounds fake but i have become a much happier person after joining the gym, apparently Endorphins are at play here. It feels more like sorcery but i guess somethings worked. Okay conclusion, with all these benefits why not join a gym the only reasons i can think of to not go to a gym is the price, lack of free time or your physically or emotionally aren't able to do it, if thats the case fair enough, im sure theres still awesome ways for your to feel better and be happy! Im not trying to say everyone should be at the gym because no they dont have to be but it could make your life that tiny bit more amazing.
Emily x


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