Monday, 22 June 2015

First day of Summer!

So apparently its the first day of summer this may not be correct as i found this out on an american Instagram account. However even though in England it doesn't feel like summer there's no escaping the fact that soon it will be too hot to hide in jeans and big comfy coats. It sucks i know. On the other hand there is major perks to summer and its long sunlight filled days. Here is a few to make you feel inspired and I've also added some summer ideas you could maybe try.

1)More hours in the day. Meaning for teenagers living with their parents like me, longer to stay out and meet your friends, chill on a field or walk without a destination. There's plenty of time to do all of them with the wondrous sunny hours of summer.

2)Clothes are not as restricting and heavy. I mean sometimes in winter i hate the thought of having to stuff myself into an itchy jumper and then being to warm once I've had to run for the train or after my brother who walks way too fast. At least in summer my staple outfits are shorts and a quirky t-shirt with some movie quote or title that nobody recognizes. By the way does anyone else hate when your wearing at a top with writing on and anyone you talk to stares at your chest until they've read it and it just makes you 100% uncomfortable. 

3)I have quite a good garden for this idea but if you don't i hope one of your friends does.Campfires, a small little fire where you and your friends can sit around be warm once the days gone chilly and just talk. You could even be super cliche and roast marshmallows, i mean there nice so who cares if everyone one in the world does it, there's obviously a reason for that. 

4)No school, duh. Well most of the summer is filled with education-less days were you can waste them lounging around or shopping till your poor. You also get to escape the evilness that is annoying people, I mean your trapped in the same building as them for 6 hours straight. Who wouldn't want a break from that.

5)You feel better in yourself i find. Your hair lightens, you get a tan (most people anyways) and i think my spots get better in summer due to the warmth drying them out. All of these points are total winners in my eyes, when the weather better peoples mood get better and its amazing.

Anyways i hope you all enjoy your bright summers and don't spend them stuck inside watching Netflix i know it's tempting but that's what winter is for!

Emily x

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