Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Book Review; All The Bright Places

So i bought this book a couple of weeks ago before my work experience. I bought it on the Sunday and finished on the Wednesday which probably isn't impressive but i was working with children all week. This meant being extremely tired and wanting to just watch TV as soon as my ass hit the couch, that or finally getting to check my social network sites. I'm such a cliche teenager sometimes. Anyway onto the book!

First of all i would like to say i thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Before i start i would like to say i'm not going to ruin the ending for you guys due to my emotional reaction to the book and me not wanting to ruin it for you. So the book starts with two people on top of a school bell tower wanting to take their own lives, you may be thinking "this sounds kinda sad and depressing" oh on the contrary my friend. I laughed at this book so much as one of the main characters 'Finch' is witty and hilarious even at the worst times, this gives the book such a uplifting effect. On the other hand the book deals with the seriousness of mental health and how it can effect not only the person suffering but those around them too. It shows that as much as you think you might know someone and everything about them you can be so clueless to what is truly happening in there head.

This book has tragedy, romance and death, "So does most john green books" i hear you say? well what makes this book shine bright on the book store shelf other than its beautifully designed cover is the diversity of the characters, the fact that its so unpredictable and just keeps you reading because your forever needing to know if they get together, find him and have a happy ending. I cannot go into much detail without ruining the story for you guys and i wouldn't want to do that so i would SO recommend you go buy this book i got my copy for £7.99. I've even started highlighting all my favorite lines, there's a considerate amount of highlighting as you can imagine.

I am proud to say I rate this book 5/5 
Thanks for reading!

Emily x

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Gymnasium Talk: July

Wow I've missed a month out, shame on me. It's probably due to the fact I haven't been to the gym a lot the past two months! I've been so busy with school exams and work experience that I think I've only been like 4 times. It's bad I know. To make matters worse I've been eating calorific foods non stop. Ben and Jerrys, pizza and Mc Donald's. All not helping my situation, which funnily enough I've been noticing. I've been feeling sluggish, tired and moody; which is never a good combination. The only upside is that the lack of physical activity has made time for reading (I'll be writing a review on the book I finished this week, soon)

I really need to get back into it, summer is here and I'm not ready at all. I get these blasts of motivation when i want to go eat healthy and exercise till i cant go on, but unfortunately these blasts last about half an hour then I'm back to craving chocolate and Ice cream. 

I think however with it being warm now I'll be out and walking more which will keep me active so I think just eating healthier will keep me from gaining lots of weight. 

Anyway hope you guys are enjoying the summer and have a good holidays!

Emily x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

DIY: Tied string t-shirt

 Seen as summer is pretty much here  i thought id give you a Spring/Summer DIY.
Here Goes;

1) Pick an old t-shirt or a new one just one that you dont mind cutting up.

2) On a flat surface closely cut around the sleeves on the inner part of the 'sleeve hole'

3) Then do the same on the inner side of the neck

4) Pull all three holes tight outwards and this should tighten the threads making it look less messy 

5) Go to the bottom of the t-shirt and measure how long you want the tassels to be, taking into account that the longer the tassels the shorter the top is going to be in you.

6) Then start cutting up the shirt to the desired length and keep going cutting strips of the shirt upwards from the bottom hem. Make sure all strips are the same/similar sizes. 

7) Then pull the strings tight from the bottom and this will make them in to a more cylinder shape. Then tie a knot in each tassel.

8) Finish by cutting off the ends of each tassels as there will be the bottom hem of the t-shirt still attached.

Tip: if you want the tassels short you can cut them down when your cutting the bottom end of the t-shirt into strips

Okay, guys I hope you actually found these instructions useful I know a video or some pictures would of probably been easier to understand but I'm not that advanced yet. So I do hope there clear enough for you to get the results you want. Good luck.

Emily x


How to: Clean your Make-Up brushes!

I'd like to start off this post by saying this is how I do it and it's probably wrong or totally different from your ways but if your interested keep reading!

1) I start of by rinsing the brush under the tap at a luke warm temperature to remove any access makeup.

2) Then in a bowl I add luke warm water and dog shampoo ( I know this seems weird but it's gentle, smells nice and is hypo allergenic(you can also use baby shampoo)) I mix this together until soapy and combined.

3) Gently swirl the brush in the soapy water, brushing it against the sides so the water gets in deep. This makes sure the make up residue is all gone. You can then start to add more force as some brushes are very dense making it harder to clean gently.

4) Run the brush under the tap at the same temperature as before so all the soap is washed away. Depending on how dense and big the brush is, you can repeat this until it's all clean.

5) squeeze the excess water out of the brushes and leave to dry on a cloth or flannel they shouldn't take long but I'd leave them overnight to make sure.

Hope this helps guys!

Emily x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Body shop: Tea Tree Face Mask

Lately my skin has been really oily and spotty or dry and itchy so I needed something that would soothe, hydrate and balance my skin. I actually don't really love the smell of tea tree as I found out when using it as an antiseptic for my ear piercings but when you apply this product the smell becomes really subtle. It gives the mask a really fresh smell. The price was £10 which is more than I would normally pay for a face mask however I could defiantly tell the difference after using it.

The last face mask I bought was Lush's Oatfix which left my skin feeling oily and greasy which is probably my fault as I told the employee that my skin gets really dry however it's now not that bad. That was £6 down the drain...

The body shop mask however felt amazing when you applied it, it instantly cools your face. When you have the mask on your can really feel it working which is always a good thing for me. The mask dries on your face, which always results your face feeling like it's set and limits your smiling power. Dang not the smiling. 

So I use this every Sunday and it just helps quickly sort my skin out once a week and then the tub doesn't run out anytime soon.

It's a 4/5 as I haven't seen massive improvements but it has reduced my blemishes and redness.

Emily x
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