Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Book Review; All The Bright Places

So i bought this book a couple of weeks ago before my work experience. I bought it on the Sunday and finished on the Wednesday which probably isn't impressive but i was working with children all week. This meant being extremely tired and wanting to just watch TV as soon as my ass hit the couch, that or finally getting to check my social network sites. I'm such a cliche teenager sometimes. Anyway onto the book!

First of all i would like to say i thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Before i start i would like to say i'm not going to ruin the ending for you guys due to my emotional reaction to the book and me not wanting to ruin it for you. So the book starts with two people on top of a school bell tower wanting to take their own lives, you may be thinking "this sounds kinda sad and depressing" oh on the contrary my friend. I laughed at this book so much as one of the main characters 'Finch' is witty and hilarious even at the worst times, this gives the book such a uplifting effect. On the other hand the book deals with the seriousness of mental health and how it can effect not only the person suffering but those around them too. It shows that as much as you think you might know someone and everything about them you can be so clueless to what is truly happening in there head.

This book has tragedy, romance and death, "So does most john green books" i hear you say? well what makes this book shine bright on the book store shelf other than its beautifully designed cover is the diversity of the characters, the fact that its so unpredictable and just keeps you reading because your forever needing to know if they get together, find him and have a happy ending. I cannot go into much detail without ruining the story for you guys and i wouldn't want to do that so i would SO recommend you go buy this book i got my copy for £7.99. I've even started highlighting all my favorite lines, there's a considerate amount of highlighting as you can imagine.

I am proud to say I rate this book 5/5 
Thanks for reading!

Emily x

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