Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Gymnasium Talk: July

Wow I've missed a month out, shame on me. It's probably due to the fact I haven't been to the gym a lot the past two months! I've been so busy with school exams and work experience that I think I've only been like 4 times. It's bad I know. To make matters worse I've been eating calorific foods non stop. Ben and Jerrys, pizza and Mc Donald's. All not helping my situation, which funnily enough I've been noticing. I've been feeling sluggish, tired and moody; which is never a good combination. The only upside is that the lack of physical activity has made time for reading (I'll be writing a review on the book I finished this week, soon)

I really need to get back into it, summer is here and I'm not ready at all. I get these blasts of motivation when i want to go eat healthy and exercise till i cant go on, but unfortunately these blasts last about half an hour then I'm back to craving chocolate and Ice cream. 

I think however with it being warm now I'll be out and walking more which will keep me active so I think just eating healthier will keep me from gaining lots of weight. 

Anyway hope you guys are enjoying the summer and have a good holidays!

Emily x

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