Friday, 21 August 2015

About me: Question Tag

This post is gonna be very different, but i thought it was about time you got to know a bit about the person giving you reviews and life advice. Excuse the selfie i thought it was only fitting to have one seen as though the post is about my personality. So i found a question tag that I'm going to fill in, enjoy.

What is your middle name?: I don't have one, too many choices.

What is your favourite subject at school?: I don't love one subject entirely but i enjoy Media Studies.

What is your favourite drink?: Coffee or Carribean crush lucozade.

What is your favourite song at the moment?: I'm really loving old taylor swift songs at the moment, there actually awesome... Them or Video games by Lana Del Ray.

What is your favourite food?: Garlic dough balls from Frankie and Bennys.

What is the last thing you bought?: I think it was some skincare product...

Favourite book of all time?: Damn... err, i cant do this there's to many.

Favourite Colour?: Grey, black or purple or red or anything depends what its on.

Do you have any pets?: Yeah a dog called Eddie and a cat called Sydney they cool.

Favourite Perfume?: Daisy by Marc Jacobs. 

Favourite Holiday?: Australia when i was 7, most beautiful country everrr.

Are you married?: Not that i know of.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, lots of times.

Do you speak any other language?: Random words in French and Spanish.

How many siblings do you have?: Bradley my 19 year old brother.

What is your favourite shop?: WH smiths.

Favourite restaurant?: Anywhere that sells nice pizza and burgers.

Favourite Blog?: I love Robowecop go check her out!

Favourite Movie?: 10 things i hate about you, that film is life.

Favourite TV show?: Okay, i love Parks and Recreation and The US Office but then i also love Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.

PC or Mac?: Mac if i had the money to buy oneeee.

What phone do you have?: Nokia, i know. I know.

How tall are you?: Not sure probably average for a 15 year old.

Can you cook?: Yes, i bake cakes that people buy off me and i also make tea for my family frequently.

So theres the questions i got from Hope you enjoyed this post i know it wasn't like the usual ones but there will be a review up on some new beauty products i got so keep an eye out for that. 

Emily x



  1. Hey Emily! Loved this post! Nice to hear a bit about you!


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