Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Benefit Counter Experience!

First of all i'd like to apologise for the photo 1) Because its a product photo and this isn't a product review (ill be doing one later) and 2) I'm not sure the quality is too good as it was when i took it but then looked pants on my laptop. Anyway onto my experience at The Benefit counter which i visited at the White Rose center which is in Leeds. The counter is in a Debanhams store with the likes of Mac and Urban Decay. However i always find myself drawn to the Benefit counter, lighting up with bright colours and unique packaging on every product. My mum doesn't normally come with me as she's never really been into make up but has recently started enjoying wearing it and expressing herself through makeup. This makes me so happy as i can see her get excited about the same things i do and we can ooh and ahh about the various colours of the Mac counter or the beautiful Urban Decay eye shadow palettes. I also now get to teach her how to apply make up and get the best out of the products she buys, its awesome really. 

So when we got to the counter my mum immediately starts talking to one of the staff, my mum could make friends anywhere. After i see them taking i walk over and Clair (my mum) points at me and tells the lady that were looking for me really. This is until i show my mum the There Real Eye Liner and she instantly loves it and asks the lady how it works. The staff member named Judy is happy to help and asks my mum to sit on a stool so she can give her a tutorial, this in its self is was really kind of her. Judy then went onto testing all sorts of products on both me and my mum until it really was just a free makeover! We walked out looking 10 times better than we did before, We had such a laugh that we were invited back next month for the same thing. Poor Judy was even lovely when challenged with the stress of dealing with my grandparents who haven't a clue on make up. In the end we walked out of there with two products, my mum got the eyeliner and i got the Hoola bronzer which I'm in love with.

Overall we had an amazing time and the rest of the day was just as brilliant but as for the Benefit counter i 100% you visit the one in White Rose if you live near and ask for Judy because she truly was a lovely person. Saying that all the staff seemed lovely and eager to help out. Special thanks to Judy though!

Emily x


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