Friday, 14 August 2015

Positive Thinking

This is going to be a more serious and deep post guys, I know. So buckle up and get comfy because were gonna get personal-ish. I feel like there's so many people out there who go through their days miserable or just sad. The kinda sad where you don't have a particular reason for being upset but you are, I get this feeling a lot. It's okay to feel like this but you can get rid of it easy!
 Option 1) you can go meet your friends see if you can go on an adventure into the woods or just sit and watch a movie together. If their the reason your feeling a bit down then maybe just chill with you family, your family are the best support system as they always have your best interests at heart. 

Option 2) if being alone is your thing, get out of your room and walk or run even skip if it helps. I find being alone helps sometimes, you can even be tumblr as hell and walk through the woods (only of safe) and listen to some music and just be alone with your thoughts. 

Option 3) this isn't as much as an option it's more of a solution. TALK! Just talk to someone and get there thoughts on the matter, just make sure your open to there opinions. My brother always helps me get my mind back to where it should be as he gives it to me straight no tip toeing around because he's scared my feelings will get hurt. Someone like that is better to confide in because they aren't bias on the situation so they can give you a clear solution to your problem. Even if your just fed up, talking to someone will lift the weight off your shoulders and make you feel at least slightly better. 

That's the upset feelings out of the way now comes the positivity, thinking positive will make your life easier and well, happier. This can be from being more confident to just thinking positive about situations. This can be hard to practise but with a lot of effort and motivation you can achieve it. Stop thinking about what other people think of you, I know you hear this repeatedly but just be yourself and if someone doesn't like that then there the wrong person for you to be friends with.

 I'm not going drag this on anymore but as Bobby Mcferrin famously sang
"Don't worry, be happy." 

Emily x


  1. This is a really great & positive post! Thank you for sharing this Emily :)


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