Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Review; Real Techniques Core Collection and Expert Face Brush

I bought these lovelies a few months ago but before i reviewed them i wanted to have had more experience using them and getting a feel for the brushes. So ill get straight to it!

I'll start with the Real Techniques Core Collection this includes the buffing brush, contour brush, foundation brush and the detail brush (i think its called that the writings rubbed off mine). The buffing brush is brilliant you can use it for liquid, cream and powder foundations, i use mine to add powder after already applying my foundation with a different brush. Saying this i have recently found myself using the buffing brush to blend my foundation in as i think it gives a better result. The contour brush is a perfect size for getting under your cheekbones, I've seen on videos other people using it with powder to set their under eye concealer, it works brilliantly for that too. The foundation brush doesn't do a great job of actually applying foundation to the whole face as its way too small and leaves streak marks on the face. i do however use it to apply foundation to my eyes as its shape is just right to get around your eyelids and under eyes with ease. Lastly The detail brush which I haven't used this that much as don't wear lipstick a lot and when I do I'm too lazy to line my lips with a small brush first. However I was applying some berry lipstick the other day and found if I line my lips using the brush it gives them more definition and makes them look bigger. Therefore it's a must have if your into statement lips, you could also use it on your eyes or even to apply concealer to spots/blemishes. So that's pretty much it for the core collection.

Onto The expert face brush, firstly I'd like to say that i have a love/hate relationship (mostly hate) with this brush. I love that it can cover large areas. That's it, that's all i love about this product. Okay so I'm going to tell you the problems.
1) It leaves streak marks on my face due to its oval shape and density
2) Its a giant pain to clean as all the foundation goes deep into the brush as its so dense.
3) Even if you use it once it soaks up the foundation, I think this may be the reason i have a problem with the coverage of my foundation.
I don't want you all to thing this brush is the devil as its not but for my face its not good, so if you feel like trying it for yourself that's cool, it might just be my skin and foundation that doesn't agree with the brush and its properties.

So in conclusion go out and buy the core collection immediately, but hold off on the expert face brush as in my opinion its not worth the money.

Core Collection; 4/5
The Expert Face Brush; 1/5

Emily x

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