Friday, 21 August 2015

Review; Real Techniques Eye set and Miracle complexion sponge

I realise i write a LOT of reviews but i do really enjoy them, however guys i do have some different posts lined up for you which will be different and interesting. Anyway on to the review!

Ill start with sponge, I AM IN LOVE! This sponge is an absolute god send, its blends perfectly with foundation whether its liquid, powder or cream. I find when you make the sponge damp it helps with my dry patches, using it damp also stops it from soaking up lots of product. The sponge is strategically shaped, the flat top to blend around the nose and eyes, the sides for blending in large areas and the pointy end is to apply product on to one specific are like a spot or blemish. I apply my liquid foundation  and then my powder to set with the sponge. I use this instead of my Core Collection brushes (i reviewed them here) i still use my contour brush regularly for contour obviously, you can however use the sponge for contouring and blush but i just prefer a brush.  So overall this is one of my best buys ever in the history of best buys (weird i know). 

Now onto the brushes, the Fine liner brush I've used once when I tried to apply a thin line with some gel eyeshadow and it's probably the eyeshadow but it didn't go very well. However it's a good density and shape, so I think if I used it with actual eyeliner I'd get a better result. The Accent brush is amazing for you inner corners and under you lower water line. It's got a sharp straight edge but is still soft and easy to use. The Base shadow brush is great for applying eye shadow to the outer corner of you eye and in the crease. I don't think your supposed to use it for that but that is what works best for me. Then there's the Deluxe crease brush which is dense with a dome shape, I blend my eye shadow I with this and use it to cover the lid with a base shade. I think it also would work brilliantly for buffing concealer. The last brush is the Brow brush which I haven't often, this is for filling your brows, it has an angled shape but is still soft. So overall there's is some lovely brushes in this set but I think for the money it's pretty ridiculous as this little set cost just as much as the core collection which had massive brushes in it. 

Sponge: 5/5
Brushes: 3/5

Emily x


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