Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My Everyday Base Products.

Hey guys!
 I bought some face products a while back but didn't want to review them until I'd properly used them. Now that I've got a proper opinion on them I can give you guys my honest thoughts. Lets get started! Also sorry for the photo as its really light, the sun was Hella strong that day. I feel like I don't write a long enough intro any more but I don't want to blab on too much.

First I thought I'd start with my foundation which is the Bourjois Healthy mix which smells AMAZING like it actually smells of melons and fresh fruit. This is a really lightweight foundation which is great but for me I don't find the coverage all that smashing however that's not always a bad thing as it gives my skin chance to breathe. Its a liquid foundation and mine is in the shade Light Vanilla, I suck when it comes to picking a shade that actually looks right on me but this does thankfully match. I apply this with a damp Real Techniques brush. This cost me £10.99.

I have two of the Rimmel London Wake me up concealers because when I was 13 I bought one along with the Wake me up foundation and when looking back at the products they're orange as hell. How did I manage? Anyway i got another one from Morrison's the other week and its much lighter probably still not light enough but it'll do, It's the shade Ivory. I use it under the eyes and as a highlight on the bridge of my nose, forehead, chin and cupids bow. The only thing I don't love about it is that there's little bits of shimmer in it and im like what? why? Then I think why the hell not sparkle everyday. It has brilliant coverage and is amazing to blend, mine was £5.49.

Bourjois healthy balance powder has the same beautiful smell as the foundation which is awesome, its not very pigmented which I guess is good. However I find it takes a lot of it set my foundation which isn't the best as it builds up on my skin and is visible. I think I need a lighter less dense powder without any colour, I just need something more!! One day maybe I'll find the perfect setting powder. This one is in the shade Vanilla and it was £8.99.

I don't know if you'd count it as a base product but I hadn't written a review on this beauty yet and wanted to share with you. Holy moly I love this stuff, it's so natural blendable. After applying my light coloured foundation and powder Benefit's Hoola Bronzer adds that pop of colour back into your face as well as giving you sharp, effective contours. I'm a cont-whore. What can I say? Seriously though I it's high end and is rather expensive, £23.50 to be precise, but its worth every penny. 

So guys those are my everyday bass products, let me know your favourite and if you have any alternatives to the ones I've listed above. Bye!

Emily x


Monday, 28 September 2015

My top 5 favourite Chick Flicks!

Since its starting to get colder and therefore the nights are shorter and no one really wants to leave the confines of their nice comfy couch I thought I would share with you my favourite Chick Flicks. Lets be honest who doesn't love a good Chick Flick, the handsome guy who is unrealistically understanding and the woman who gets such miracle guy. Oh the jealousy. 

I thought i'd start off with my favourite film ever, 10 things i hate about you. This film is actually my everything I mean Heath Ledger is absolutely perfect in this film so is co star Julia Stiles, Kat is my inspiration. It's filled with laughs, cry's and aww's, mostly aww's for me as the main characters are the cutest and I absolutely love them, you'll be able to relate so much to the strange teachers or the arsehole guys. If I talk to much I'll fill this whole blog post so just go out and buy it or watch online, but I honestly can't recommend it enough its a cinematic master piece. 

27 Dresses a classic in the Smith household (I'm smith) me and my mum love to sit watching chick flicks when were feeling crappy. This one always creeps itself onto the gigantic piles of love story classics, it's funny and makes you cry. This films tells you about a girl who is always the maid of honour but never the bride, she is lusting over her boss until he falls in love with her sister. I'm grateful I only have an older brother. Then in the down spiral of planning her sister and the man she is love with's wedding she meets the right guy. That's I'm not saying anything else or I'll ruin it even more, its just a warm feel good movie that will make you smile from start to finish. 

Another oldie-ish is Clueless which is everything a 90's movie could be, Strange yet amazing fashion and old but funny jokes. The main character is a rich popular girl with no clue when it comes to love. does anyone really though? This movie is so well directed and written that even thought the characters should be annoying there not at all, they make you laugh because you see yourself a little bit in each one. It's such an easy watch and doesn't take brain power to enjoy with a nice relaxing drink, it also would be great to watch with the girls.

Next is the Amazing How to lose a guy in 10 days now i must admit at parts it will make you cringe so much you'll want to hide behind the nearest pillow. HOWEVER it will also make you laugh your head off and swoon over the man that is the young Matthew McConaughey, Damn. When writing an article about trying to lose a guy the female lead end ups falling in love even though she throws all sorts at him, She then later finds out that he had a bet to stay with her for at least 10 days.. Oh the Drama!

Last but not least is The lucky one because I couldn't write a Chick Flick list without having the god that is Zac Efron included. So this heartbreaking movie will have you crying no doubt, but also going green with jealousy because we don't have our very own Logan (Zac's character) yes he's that good. When Logan is saved in the army by walking to a picture he found on the floor, he investigates the woman on such picture. Finally he finds her and is tasked with her hectic life, young son and mad ex husband. Oh! and there's dogs, so that's good too!

So there are my 5 favourite Chick Flicks for you to snuggle up and watch on those chilly Autumn nights. Let me know your favourites and what you think of my 5! See you later guys..

Emily x


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Book Review: I'll give you the sun

I haven't done a Book Review in forever, but i just had to do one for this beautiful book! Once in a while a book comes along that changes your outlook on life or gets you seriously thinking, Jandy Nelson's I'll give you the sun was that very book. 

I'ts set in two peoples perspective, Noah and Jude. Twins that are both eccentric in their own creative ways, Noah the artist that paints in his mind then there's Jude that creates beautiful dresses and follows every superstition under the sun (pun, sorry). These two characters are inseparable until tragedy strikes their family and everything crumbles apart, Jandy does a fantastic job in describing how these siblings deal with death and love. Both go on immense emotional and physical journeys that don't seem linked in anyway but everything joins up at the end giving you a brilliant last couple of chapters. Jude falls in love with a boy that seems too good to be true all this is not before she goes through some of the worst experiences life can throw at anyone. Noah also falls in love with a boy who is nothing but perfect in his eyes, while dealing with the pressure of getting into art school Noah also has to juggle the aspect of his sexuality. Jude's point of view is set in the future after the tragedy has taken place, Noah's is before. This book will make you grateful for the people around you and will show you that even the biggest arguments aren't worth it if you love the person. Love is a very powerful thing, it can change people make them blind even. This book tackles all the mysteries of life, you will go on a journey with the twins and I think that's the experience the author was wanting. As soon as i'd finished this book I sat for about 10 minutes just thinking about how lucky I am and how much I was in love with this book, I mean it made me cry, laugh and cry a bit more. 

I don't want to spoil it too much for you guys but you should really experience this book for yourselves, Seriously go get it. Mine was £7.99 from WH Smiths 

 (it really is THAT good)

Emily x


Friday, 25 September 2015

Soap and Glory Products

Hi guys!
I absolutely love Soap and Glory products, I mean who doesn't right? Their packaging is to die for and the quality of the products is brilliant, all this without the high end price tag (No this isn't a sponsored post I just really love them.) This post is a long time coming as I've actually had these products a while but just never got round to writing the review but here we are, lets get started!

My Life saver of a product is the Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil, mine is in the shade Brownie Points which I think might be the darkest. It has two ends one is a felt tip like thing, its kinda like a brush too as well it's hard to explain and the other end is a twist up pencil. I use both sides; The pencil to fill and the felt tip to add sharpness/detail. Mine has washi tape on it because I stood on the pencil ends cap when it had rolled away in a school corridor and I was running after it, Tragic I know. I bought mine from Boots for £10.00

I haven't edited this photo so you can properly see the shades yourself, Ahh so pretty... The Lid Stuff  What's Nude quad is a essential to any beauty fanatic, you've got every shade you need for a basic everyday eye look. I use the white shade called Vanilla for my brow bone as its a lovely natural highlight shade, I then use Pink T as a transitional colour as its subtle but still covers up most of my veiny eyelids. The shade Mudhoney is a beautiful coffee warm brown, its my favourite out of the four, I use that on the outer V and crease. Then there's the only shimmer shade in quad, Aubersheen (I see what you did there Soap and Glory) this is a really pretty dark brown but isn't harsh due to the shimmery tone.All the eyeshadow's have a powdery creamy texture with good pigment and blend brilliantly, I bought mine from boots for £10.00.

Love at first blush in Pink,Pop & Pearl. Look how pretty this is, I must admit however I've started to not use it for blush but for highlighter because of the lovely shimmery glow it gives you. It has Pink, Brown and white segments so you have really 3 in 1 there's blush, bronzer and highlight all in one. Its really pigmented so you don't need much which is why It's so amazing for the price of £11.00 and of course I got it from boots, I do shop other places but apparently not for Soap and Glory products. Also apologies for the dirty mirror, bad Emily. 

In conclusion, Soap and Glory products are awesome and you should go out and buy some like now, I'm pretty sure I say that a lot on my review but oh well. Let me know in the Comments what are your favourite products from Soap and Glory!

Emily x  


Friday, 18 September 2015

My Everyday Skincare Routine

 I thought i'd finally write this post because recently my skin has been actually pretty good, I have really patchy skin normally so things are definitely looking up. My cheeks are normally red with spots and my T-zone is strangely oily and dry at the same time, its all very weird and irritating. Then one day I won a Witch gel face wash on Instagram and my skin hasn't been this good in forever! The face mask I don't use everyday but I just wanted to update you guys on it a little (I did write a post about it properly here.) 

The first thing I do is get my mascara off, I love taking mascara off its like ripping down the boundaries of being able to rub your eyes. To take it off I use the Simple Kind to eyes Eye makeup remover  which I find is so gentle on the sensitive skin around my eyes, I also love that it doesn't sting if I do by accident get some product in my eyes. This is a cheap drugstore product but does not lack on quality at all, I bought my bottle from Superdrug for £1.65 so its pretty good going. I use just normal cotton pads with this on and it normally takes two pads to take it all off. 

After cleaning my eyes, I use the Garnier Micellar cleansing water, this is a new buy and I'm not sure if it makes a big deal to my skin but it does leave my face feeling fresh and clean. It takes make up off like a treat, not so much eye make up though so that why I use the Simple product. I bought it for £1.99, that was the 125ml bottle as I wanted to test it first before I buy the big bottle. 

With all my make up off I tie my hair up and head into the bathroom with my New Witch Pore minimising gel wash which at the moment is my holy grail product. This face wash is like no other my friend, I wet my face then apply the wash in circular motions all of over my face concentrating on my most problematic areas. As soon as I rinse it off, my skin is so soft and smooth with my blemishes and pores looking minimal. Ah its so perfect, as I say I won mine but you can buy yours from any drugstore with The Witch line in it. I will definitely be purchasing this again and would love for more Witch products so I can use them and tell you guys how they are. 

To finish it off I moisturise with the Simple Clear skin Oil balancing moisturiser, which stops my face from drying up. This product is brilliant, its really light so it doesn't add any extra oil to my face but still give my dry patches that extra boost. I apply it to all my face and again add more to my dryer patches like around my nose and between my brows. When I've got into bed and I'm watching Netflix normally, I also condition my eyebrows and eyelashes with coconut oil, this helps keep them healthy after stripping their moisture with the make up remover. 

When i remember to I use Bio oil on my stretch marks, it work amazingly at adding elasticity back to the stretched areas I bought mine from Superdrug for £8.99 which is a little pricey for the 60ml bottle. Its smells beautiful but it does leave your hand oily for like an hour after, except for that is an amazing product that actually makes a difference. As I've already done a review on the Body Shop Tea Tree face mask I'm just going to leave this brief, I use it one day a week as it gives my skin a little refresh and gets rid of all the nastiness that's been piling on my face all week. I got mine from bodyshop for £10.

So that it is my day to day routine, I hope this helped you guys if your struggling for a product to buy. Let me know if you've got any recommendations or even if you've got any products you swear by.

Emily x


Thursday, 17 September 2015

My favourite CD's (So far!)

My CD collection is kinda small at the moment as I tend to just use Spotify or YouTube, however I will never lose that feeling of buying a Non virtual copy and being able to actually hold the CD. Also you can show off you collection when there all just downloads on your Ipod. My music taste is a but random I like a bit of everything and I'm glad I do because that means I get to experience lots of different Artists and songs. Much like everyone else, I like to repeatedly play a song or CD till the point that I no longer like that certain thing for a while, I wish I didn't but when you love a piece of music so much you cant help listening to it over and over again. Anyways I just wanted to share the music I love with you guys and maybe there is something you will love or do already!

'THE 1975' by THE 1975
MY love for this band is unconditional, there music is so different to anybody else for me. Matt Healey's voice is absolutely amazing (so is his face), The whole band is super Tumblr looking and pretty fineee. They've only brought out one album and a couple of EPs, I really would really love a vinyl copy of their self titled album when I get a record player for Christmas. Their album has 16 songs on which is long, some of those tracks have no lyrics or very little but saying that some of those tracks are my favourite.
Favourite song; Menswear

'1989' by Taylor Swift
I'm guessing most people have heard of Taylor, shes been gracing us with her voice since the early 2000's, Unfortunately people have forgotten about some of her best songs (in my opinion). I won't talk about past albums, I fell in love immediately with this album it was the perfect mix of chill out music and then scream out at the top of your lungs. The lyrics are amazing, (a RANT is about to go down so prepare) Okay I can't stand when people complain about Taylor Swift only singing about break ups or relationships... because so does pretty much everyone else, if you've heard Bruno Mars' Unorthodox Jukebox album then all those songs are about girls and betrayal. Even if she does sing lots of songs about breakups shes rich and successful so why would she stop? okay rant over, its an amazing CD go and buy it... like now.
Favourite song; I know places

'Save rock and roll' and 'American Beauty/American Psycho' by Fall out boy
Okay this band is my number one, they are my life ahh. I've actually got tickets to go see them in October with my best friend and I'm so freaking excited, we are however worried we might get punched as were in the standing area. This is their second album I've bought however they've released six albums all together. This is such a brilliantly put together album its got slowish songs and crazy awesome songs you could jump about your house to, I love these guys so.damn.much.
Favourite song; Jet pack blues

Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack
I know this isn't like the others but I love this CD too much to not talk at least a little bit about it. First of all, you have to watch the movie first because its amazing and you'll enjoy the CD more after you've watched it. This is full of all the songs (if your my age) you grew up hearing your mum or dad singing to and if your like my family these songs stick and its like the lyrics are forever imprinted on your brain. So when this came out and I loved pretty much every song therefor I had to buy it, I had to. I get no complaints if i play this in the car, actually it normally results in the whole family singing along, oh how your ears would bleed. So I love both the CD and the movie, so will you.
Favourite song; Moonage Daydream by David Bowie
(I mean come on the first line is "I'm an alligator" Awesome.)

So there you have my favourite Cd's at the moment, I have no doubt ill be writing another one of these after Christmas but instead Cd's it will hopefully be vinyls...
Thanks for reading as always guys and please comment if your have any CD recommendations!

Emily x


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My time in the Lake District.

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Lake District with my dad and brother. I would first like to say how beautiful this place is, we stayed in Boness down the road from Windermere. With it being in England the weather wasn't very consistent however we did have a couple of hours of really warm sunny weather. 

We went to lots of pubs which were still really pretty and nice to sit in, also nice to see my brother get drunk twice. He's hilarious, on our way back to the hotel he decides to sprint and hide to scare me. Then from a bush he's hiding in, shouts "I found a frog!" bless him (he's 19 by the way). Anyway the pubs were really chilled out places you could just sit and enjoy, until Saturday night when all the locals came out for drink and in the pub pictured above. There was singing (my brother joined in, I wasn't happy) laughing and a lot of playing pool.  

First of all i'd like to apologize for the awful photo i was rushing to eat this mound of spaghetti, when i say mound i mean MOUND there was so much i left like half of it! Probably because i eat my garlic bread first due to the fact that garlic bread is the best thing to grace this planet. Anyway to the point of the picture, there is so many beautiful unique restaurants to pick from and that was just in the little village we stayed in.

I would highly recommend you visit the lakes if your enjoy nice peaceful walks and beautiful scenery throughout the day and great loud night life. There something for everyone and i will definitely be returning when i'm older.  Hope you enjoyed this post wasn't very serious but just something nice to read i guess.

Emily x

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