Saturday, 26 September 2015

Book Review: I'll give you the sun

I haven't done a Book Review in forever, but i just had to do one for this beautiful book! Once in a while a book comes along that changes your outlook on life or gets you seriously thinking, Jandy Nelson's I'll give you the sun was that very book. 

I'ts set in two peoples perspective, Noah and Jude. Twins that are both eccentric in their own creative ways, Noah the artist that paints in his mind then there's Jude that creates beautiful dresses and follows every superstition under the sun (pun, sorry). These two characters are inseparable until tragedy strikes their family and everything crumbles apart, Jandy does a fantastic job in describing how these siblings deal with death and love. Both go on immense emotional and physical journeys that don't seem linked in anyway but everything joins up at the end giving you a brilliant last couple of chapters. Jude falls in love with a boy that seems too good to be true all this is not before she goes through some of the worst experiences life can throw at anyone. Noah also falls in love with a boy who is nothing but perfect in his eyes, while dealing with the pressure of getting into art school Noah also has to juggle the aspect of his sexuality. Jude's point of view is set in the future after the tragedy has taken place, Noah's is before. This book will make you grateful for the people around you and will show you that even the biggest arguments aren't worth it if you love the person. Love is a very powerful thing, it can change people make them blind even. This book tackles all the mysteries of life, you will go on a journey with the twins and I think that's the experience the author was wanting. As soon as i'd finished this book I sat for about 10 minutes just thinking about how lucky I am and how much I was in love with this book, I mean it made me cry, laugh and cry a bit more. 

I don't want to spoil it too much for you guys but you should really experience this book for yourselves, Seriously go get it. Mine was £7.99 from WH Smiths 

 (it really is THAT good)

Emily x


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