Thursday, 17 September 2015

My favourite CD's (So far!)

My CD collection is kinda small at the moment as I tend to just use Spotify or YouTube, however I will never lose that feeling of buying a Non virtual copy and being able to actually hold the CD. Also you can show off you collection when there all just downloads on your Ipod. My music taste is a but random I like a bit of everything and I'm glad I do because that means I get to experience lots of different Artists and songs. Much like everyone else, I like to repeatedly play a song or CD till the point that I no longer like that certain thing for a while, I wish I didn't but when you love a piece of music so much you cant help listening to it over and over again. Anyways I just wanted to share the music I love with you guys and maybe there is something you will love or do already!

'THE 1975' by THE 1975
MY love for this band is unconditional, there music is so different to anybody else for me. Matt Healey's voice is absolutely amazing (so is his face), The whole band is super Tumblr looking and pretty fineee. They've only brought out one album and a couple of EPs, I really would really love a vinyl copy of their self titled album when I get a record player for Christmas. Their album has 16 songs on which is long, some of those tracks have no lyrics or very little but saying that some of those tracks are my favourite.
Favourite song; Menswear

'1989' by Taylor Swift
I'm guessing most people have heard of Taylor, shes been gracing us with her voice since the early 2000's, Unfortunately people have forgotten about some of her best songs (in my opinion). I won't talk about past albums, I fell in love immediately with this album it was the perfect mix of chill out music and then scream out at the top of your lungs. The lyrics are amazing, (a RANT is about to go down so prepare) Okay I can't stand when people complain about Taylor Swift only singing about break ups or relationships... because so does pretty much everyone else, if you've heard Bruno Mars' Unorthodox Jukebox album then all those songs are about girls and betrayal. Even if she does sing lots of songs about breakups shes rich and successful so why would she stop? okay rant over, its an amazing CD go and buy it... like now.
Favourite song; I know places

'Save rock and roll' and 'American Beauty/American Psycho' by Fall out boy
Okay this band is my number one, they are my life ahh. I've actually got tickets to go see them in October with my best friend and I'm so freaking excited, we are however worried we might get punched as were in the standing area. This is their second album I've bought however they've released six albums all together. This is such a brilliantly put together album its got slowish songs and crazy awesome songs you could jump about your house to, I love these guys so.damn.much.
Favourite song; Jet pack blues

Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack
I know this isn't like the others but I love this CD too much to not talk at least a little bit about it. First of all, you have to watch the movie first because its amazing and you'll enjoy the CD more after you've watched it. This is full of all the songs (if your my age) you grew up hearing your mum or dad singing to and if your like my family these songs stick and its like the lyrics are forever imprinted on your brain. So when this came out and I loved pretty much every song therefor I had to buy it, I had to. I get no complaints if i play this in the car, actually it normally results in the whole family singing along, oh how your ears would bleed. So I love both the CD and the movie, so will you.
Favourite song; Moonage Daydream by David Bowie
(I mean come on the first line is "I'm an alligator" Awesome.)

So there you have my favourite Cd's at the moment, I have no doubt ill be writing another one of these after Christmas but instead Cd's it will hopefully be vinyls...
Thanks for reading as always guys and please comment if your have any CD recommendations!

Emily x



  1. Great post Em! Totally get what you mean about picking up physical CDs, it can't be beaten! Some wicked choices here, can't wait to see what new things you pick up by the end of the year :)

    Joe | xx

    1. Thankyou so much Joe! I definitely need to go buy some more, Will have to check Northern Blood for recommendations first. xx


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