Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My time in the Lake District.

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Lake District with my dad and brother. I would first like to say how beautiful this place is, we stayed in Boness down the road from Windermere. With it being in England the weather wasn't very consistent however we did have a couple of hours of really warm sunny weather. 

We went to lots of pubs which were still really pretty and nice to sit in, also nice to see my brother get drunk twice. He's hilarious, on our way back to the hotel he decides to sprint and hide to scare me. Then from a bush he's hiding in, shouts "I found a frog!" bless him (he's 19 by the way). Anyway the pubs were really chilled out places you could just sit and enjoy, until Saturday night when all the locals came out for drink and in the pub pictured above. There was singing (my brother joined in, I wasn't happy) laughing and a lot of playing pool.  

First of all i'd like to apologize for the awful photo i was rushing to eat this mound of spaghetti, when i say mound i mean MOUND there was so much i left like half of it! Probably because i eat my garlic bread first due to the fact that garlic bread is the best thing to grace this planet. Anyway to the point of the picture, there is so many beautiful unique restaurants to pick from and that was just in the little village we stayed in.

I would highly recommend you visit the lakes if your enjoy nice peaceful walks and beautiful scenery throughout the day and great loud night life. There something for everyone and i will definitely be returning when i'm older.  Hope you enjoyed this post wasn't very serious but just something nice to read i guess.

Emily x


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