Monday, 28 September 2015

My top 5 favourite Chick Flicks!

Since its starting to get colder and therefore the nights are shorter and no one really wants to leave the confines of their nice comfy couch I thought I would share with you my favourite Chick Flicks. Lets be honest who doesn't love a good Chick Flick, the handsome guy who is unrealistically understanding and the woman who gets such miracle guy. Oh the jealousy. 

I thought i'd start off with my favourite film ever, 10 things i hate about you. This film is actually my everything I mean Heath Ledger is absolutely perfect in this film so is co star Julia Stiles, Kat is my inspiration. It's filled with laughs, cry's and aww's, mostly aww's for me as the main characters are the cutest and I absolutely love them, you'll be able to relate so much to the strange teachers or the arsehole guys. If I talk to much I'll fill this whole blog post so just go out and buy it or watch online, but I honestly can't recommend it enough its a cinematic master piece. 

27 Dresses a classic in the Smith household (I'm smith) me and my mum love to sit watching chick flicks when were feeling crappy. This one always creeps itself onto the gigantic piles of love story classics, it's funny and makes you cry. This films tells you about a girl who is always the maid of honour but never the bride, she is lusting over her boss until he falls in love with her sister. I'm grateful I only have an older brother. Then in the down spiral of planning her sister and the man she is love with's wedding she meets the right guy. That's I'm not saying anything else or I'll ruin it even more, its just a warm feel good movie that will make you smile from start to finish. 

Another oldie-ish is Clueless which is everything a 90's movie could be, Strange yet amazing fashion and old but funny jokes. The main character is a rich popular girl with no clue when it comes to love. does anyone really though? This movie is so well directed and written that even thought the characters should be annoying there not at all, they make you laugh because you see yourself a little bit in each one. It's such an easy watch and doesn't take brain power to enjoy with a nice relaxing drink, it also would be great to watch with the girls.

Next is the Amazing How to lose a guy in 10 days now i must admit at parts it will make you cringe so much you'll want to hide behind the nearest pillow. HOWEVER it will also make you laugh your head off and swoon over the man that is the young Matthew McConaughey, Damn. When writing an article about trying to lose a guy the female lead end ups falling in love even though she throws all sorts at him, She then later finds out that he had a bet to stay with her for at least 10 days.. Oh the Drama!

Last but not least is The lucky one because I couldn't write a Chick Flick list without having the god that is Zac Efron included. So this heartbreaking movie will have you crying no doubt, but also going green with jealousy because we don't have our very own Logan (Zac's character) yes he's that good. When Logan is saved in the army by walking to a picture he found on the floor, he investigates the woman on such picture. Finally he finds her and is tasked with her hectic life, young son and mad ex husband. Oh! and there's dogs, so that's good too!

So there are my 5 favourite Chick Flicks for you to snuggle up and watch on those chilly Autumn nights. Let me know your favourites and what you think of my 5! See you later guys..

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