Friday, 25 September 2015

Soap and Glory Products

Hi guys!
I absolutely love Soap and Glory products, I mean who doesn't right? Their packaging is to die for and the quality of the products is brilliant, all this without the high end price tag (No this isn't a sponsored post I just really love them.) This post is a long time coming as I've actually had these products a while but just never got round to writing the review but here we are, lets get started!

My Life saver of a product is the Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil, mine is in the shade Brownie Points which I think might be the darkest. It has two ends one is a felt tip like thing, its kinda like a brush too as well it's hard to explain and the other end is a twist up pencil. I use both sides; The pencil to fill and the felt tip to add sharpness/detail. Mine has washi tape on it because I stood on the pencil ends cap when it had rolled away in a school corridor and I was running after it, Tragic I know. I bought mine from Boots for £10.00

I haven't edited this photo so you can properly see the shades yourself, Ahh so pretty... The Lid Stuff  What's Nude quad is a essential to any beauty fanatic, you've got every shade you need for a basic everyday eye look. I use the white shade called Vanilla for my brow bone as its a lovely natural highlight shade, I then use Pink T as a transitional colour as its subtle but still covers up most of my veiny eyelids. The shade Mudhoney is a beautiful coffee warm brown, its my favourite out of the four, I use that on the outer V and crease. Then there's the only shimmer shade in quad, Aubersheen (I see what you did there Soap and Glory) this is a really pretty dark brown but isn't harsh due to the shimmery tone.All the eyeshadow's have a powdery creamy texture with good pigment and blend brilliantly, I bought mine from boots for £10.00.

Love at first blush in Pink,Pop & Pearl. Look how pretty this is, I must admit however I've started to not use it for blush but for highlighter because of the lovely shimmery glow it gives you. It has Pink, Brown and white segments so you have really 3 in 1 there's blush, bronzer and highlight all in one. Its really pigmented so you don't need much which is why It's so amazing for the price of £11.00 and of course I got it from boots, I do shop other places but apparently not for Soap and Glory products. Also apologies for the dirty mirror, bad Emily. 

In conclusion, Soap and Glory products are awesome and you should go out and buy some like now, I'm pretty sure I say that a lot on my review but oh well. Let me know in the Comments what are your favourite products from Soap and Glory!

Emily x  



  1. I really want to try out the love at first blush because it looks amazing!
    Rita x

    1. Its really good, However if your looking for a more matte blush then this ones more shimmer. depends on what you like :)

      Emily x


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