Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Love and Hates of Autumn.

Hello! Okay I have a number of things I'd like to say before starting the post, first of all I'm truly sorry for being so crappy with the posts. Secondly I got some pumpkins and now I'm freaking about Halloween, I mean It's so close! Thirdly I want to get more professional with my blog as I can tell with the page views that you guys aren't loving the inconsistency however I have had exams this week so all is forgiven I hope. ALSO I am considering starting a YouTube channel so thoughts on that please. Right lets get started!

So I have seen countless posts of Fall/Autumn favourites and things like that but what I am yet to come across is the bad parts of this time of years. I hear you screaming THERE ISN'T ANYTHING WRONG EMILY! Okay, Okay I'm aware how freaking awesome Autumn is BUT I have three things that suck about it and because I'm not totally miserable three things I love about it too!


-First thing is Dark mornings, I know some people like them but to me it feels like I should still be asleep if It's dark but no, I have to drag myself out of bed to go to school *cough* Prison *cough*.
-Okay how has no one mentioned spiders? They decide because it's cold to come and invade your house, plus this year there not little any more no no their massive genetically engineered spiders. I'm serious, I am yet to see a non man eating spider in my house this season. Not happy, not at all.
-When it's Autumn that means Christmas is nearly here which is flipping awesome but that means you have to start saving up for presents if your like me and don't get a weekly income. What makes it even harder is seeing all the awesome Christmas and Halloween things out, for example in Lush that Santa lip scrub though...GOD DAMMIT!


-Autumn style make up is my favourite thing ever because it suits me unlike make up for the rest of the year, when I think about it what is Summer make up? Like what colours do I use? I'm cosmetic confused. Anyway, YES! The berry lips, the smoky eyes and lets not forget the copper eye lids. I freakin' love make up...
-The clothes as well for this season are the best ever! I don't think It's possible to hide my chunky legs however due to the fact that if I layer too much I look like a mustard and black marshmallow.  Also my winter uniform at school sucks so hard. But yes jumper, jeans and wedges are definitely a staple for me.
-TELEVISION PEOPLE! So The Walking Dead started on Monday and I'm Hella excited to watch that also The Vampire Diaries starts soon, so that also is getting me seriously hyped up. Just TV in general, also I cannot wait for the Christmas adverts to come on.. Coca cola advert for the win lads. (HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!)

Sorry if that was a really long post but I just got excited knowing It's nearly Halloween and Christmas. On that note I may be making a Halloween Pumpkin carving post, so let me know if you think that's a good idea. Thank you for reading guys!

Emily x


Friday, 9 October 2015

Book Review: If you find me

I've decided that every Friday there will be a book review posted, this decision is part of my 'get organised' regime. So I hope that's okay with you guys, anyway this is a book I bought a while back and it was kind of a impulse buy. I hadn't heard anything about this book or even seen it before but the blurb sounded pretty awesome. I'm going to dive in now...

This beautiful looking book has an even better story inside, It's kinda like Frozen but darker with drugs involved and no ice magic. So really nothing like Frozen except the overall message is that you don't need men to keep you alive, you need your big sister. This book tells the story of Carey and Jenessa, whose mum is a meth addict and often leaves the sisters for weeks on end in a broken camper in the middle of the woods. Carey is left to survive on cans of beans which her younger sister despises after the first 20 tins, however they don't have a choice when that's the only source of food. It's either that or Carey's hunting which is never too successful. When their mum is gone longer than usual, the girls begin to worry as their bean supply is down and there not allowed into civilisation since their mum stole them away from Carey's dad years ago. However one day that very dad shows up with child services, the girls are brought back into the real world and have to go to school for the first time all while trying to get around the fact their mother left them once and for all. Through the books you learn more about how life was for the girls in the woods and how they had to survive, the girls go through some traumatic things, some so traumatic that they've kept Jenessa mute ever since. I absolutely loved this book so much, the story is so different and inspiring. You will laugh, cry and cry again because it gets really emotional sometimes. I can also promise that by the end of the book you will hate 'Momma'. 

PLEASE go buy this book! You'll love so much, the characters are so diverse and different, this book takes you on a journey that you'll never want to end. 

Emily x


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Lets bring back LETTERS!

This post is going to be a little different, I'm collaborating with The Paperdashery and I'm going to talk to you guys about Letters, I know right so interesting. No but seriously this is interesting, technology has literally taken over our lives and that's not all bad. We can do things quicker, easier and it's efficient but it's not sentimental any more. You're not going to show your kids that text your best friend sent you 20 years ago because in reality it won't be there, it's virtual. This is where letters come in, they're so meaningful I mean knowing somebody has taken the time to hand write their thoughts to you and send or hand deliver it to you is so precious. I have a large envelope filled with letters or cards from family and friends, It instantly cheers me up when I'm down if I read all of them. Text messages can be great too but there's just something about a letter that is so personal. 

The Paperdashery have started a project called #MamaMail. It's the idea that experienced mothers make up care packages for new mums, these boxes can be filled with all sorts from chocolate to face masks. Just anything that adds a drop of happiness into the stress filled life of being a mum. ME being 15 I have no clue about babies or being a mum but I do know how hard my mum works and that's after she's being doing the whole mum thing for 19 years. I can only imagine how crazy it is for new mums that don't have a clue sometimes because it's scary, I mean it's hard enough to look after yourself never mind a small version of yourself who you can't communicate with. So if you think you'd be interested in this please contact @ThePaperdashery on Instagram and they'll fill you in. 

If you're creative and like being all lovey dovey, send a letter, make it special. Make it pretty for gods sake, slap some Washi tape on it (The Paperdashery sell some lovely washi tape by the way) write in the colours of the rainbow, just enjoy it. If you're thinking It takes too long and there's a reason they call it Snail Mail, then find patience sometimes in life everyone's always in rush mode. You need to just slow down and gather yourself from time to time or before you know it your forgetting to live in the moment (so deep, Much tumblr). SO guys the moral of the post is, take your time and enjoy the little things.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, just to let you know this post wasn't sponsored at all, I'm just passionate about being old fashioned and creative. 

Emily x

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