Friday, 9 October 2015

Book Review: If you find me

I've decided that every Friday there will be a book review posted, this decision is part of my 'get organised' regime. So I hope that's okay with you guys, anyway this is a book I bought a while back and it was kind of a impulse buy. I hadn't heard anything about this book or even seen it before but the blurb sounded pretty awesome. I'm going to dive in now...

This beautiful looking book has an even better story inside, It's kinda like Frozen but darker with drugs involved and no ice magic. So really nothing like Frozen except the overall message is that you don't need men to keep you alive, you need your big sister. This book tells the story of Carey and Jenessa, whose mum is a meth addict and often leaves the sisters for weeks on end in a broken camper in the middle of the woods. Carey is left to survive on cans of beans which her younger sister despises after the first 20 tins, however they don't have a choice when that's the only source of food. It's either that or Carey's hunting which is never too successful. When their mum is gone longer than usual, the girls begin to worry as their bean supply is down and there not allowed into civilisation since their mum stole them away from Carey's dad years ago. However one day that very dad shows up with child services, the girls are brought back into the real world and have to go to school for the first time all while trying to get around the fact their mother left them once and for all. Through the books you learn more about how life was for the girls in the woods and how they had to survive, the girls go through some traumatic things, some so traumatic that they've kept Jenessa mute ever since. I absolutely loved this book so much, the story is so different and inspiring. You will laugh, cry and cry again because it gets really emotional sometimes. I can also promise that by the end of the book you will hate 'Momma'. 

PLEASE go buy this book! You'll love so much, the characters are so diverse and different, this book takes you on a journey that you'll never want to end. 

Emily x


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