Sunday, 4 October 2015

Lets bring back LETTERS!

This post is going to be a little different, I'm collaborating with The Paperdashery and I'm going to talk to you guys about Letters, I know right so interesting. No but seriously this is interesting, technology has literally taken over our lives and that's not all bad. We can do things quicker, easier and it's efficient but it's not sentimental any more. You're not going to show your kids that text your best friend sent you 20 years ago because in reality it won't be there, it's virtual. This is where letters come in, they're so meaningful I mean knowing somebody has taken the time to hand write their thoughts to you and send or hand deliver it to you is so precious. I have a large envelope filled with letters or cards from family and friends, It instantly cheers me up when I'm down if I read all of them. Text messages can be great too but there's just something about a letter that is so personal. 

The Paperdashery have started a project called #MamaMail. It's the idea that experienced mothers make up care packages for new mums, these boxes can be filled with all sorts from chocolate to face masks. Just anything that adds a drop of happiness into the stress filled life of being a mum. ME being 15 I have no clue about babies or being a mum but I do know how hard my mum works and that's after she's being doing the whole mum thing for 19 years. I can only imagine how crazy it is for new mums that don't have a clue sometimes because it's scary, I mean it's hard enough to look after yourself never mind a small version of yourself who you can't communicate with. So if you think you'd be interested in this please contact @ThePaperdashery on Instagram and they'll fill you in. 

If you're creative and like being all lovey dovey, send a letter, make it special. Make it pretty for gods sake, slap some Washi tape on it (The Paperdashery sell some lovely washi tape by the way) write in the colours of the rainbow, just enjoy it. If you're thinking It takes too long and there's a reason they call it Snail Mail, then find patience sometimes in life everyone's always in rush mode. You need to just slow down and gather yourself from time to time or before you know it your forgetting to live in the moment (so deep, Much tumblr). SO guys the moral of the post is, take your time and enjoy the little things.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, just to let you know this post wasn't sponsored at all, I'm just passionate about being old fashioned and creative. 

Emily x



  1. Thanks so much for sharing the #MamaMail project Emily!
    A letter can be such a powerful and positive thing. Some gorgeous happy mail can change a bad day into a great one.
    We agree with you - let's bring back letters! x

    1. Thank you! It was my pleasure! :) x


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