Saturday, 19 December 2015

What is AUBURN EM?

I know what your thinking "what happened to 14 and over that blog was the bomb diggity?!?!" well don't fret! I have vamped up both the blog and the name to a slightly less annoying title. Drum roll please...... AUBURN EM! Ah yes, it's a new beginning guys and I do hope you'll love it! Here's why I did some winter cleaning. 

SO first of all I've never been too sure on the name, I mean it was a big of a mouthful and wasn't really catchy, I recently made a steam account and Auburn Em is the name I chose. It got me thinking, I really like the name and my blog was a bit mediocre so why not change things up! I haven't posted for how many months and the reason is that I was finding blogging more of a chore than something I enjoy which kinda sucked. It made me want to quit blogging and forget that it ever happened however tonight I found myself wanting to write something people will read and that what blogging is for so here I am. 

The background around the name is; I have been called ginger SO many times and sometimes I am like in a certain light I look like Ron Weasley's sister (that would be pretty awesome and I don't mean jenny). However people used to use the word ginger to hurt me like it was some big insult, well no. It ain't okay? It's a hair colour so get over it. I would describe my hair colour as Auburn, but yeah. WOW EmiLy THat wAs suCH An inTerEsTing sTory. 

I also changed the layout as I'm sick of seeing all these blogs looking the exact same and posting the same content, like the people I've talked to in the 'blogosphere' are all SO nice and individual but I feel like there's an expectation when it comes to a beauty or lifestyle blog. I mean if you love that expectation then you go ahead and rock it but why not branch out once in while even if it means that your theme is a little random. Also post what ever you want, even if it's a rant at how crappy it is when your nail varnish chips. *she says from personal experience* 


I'm gonna change up the posts a bit as well, they'll still be beauty, lifestyle and books posts but I'm not going to plan as much and I'm also going to ask you guys what you want me to write about. 

Anyway that's it for the update post, I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, Guys only 6 days left!!! I may also be starting a youtube channel but I have to get over the sound of my voice first. 

Em x

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