Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Growing Up

Recently I have realised that I am actually going to have to grow up and that kinda sucks but at the same time is a great thing. The epiphany came on when I just found myself making a CV for a job application and applying for college, I mean that's scary stuff. 

I'm writing this post about growing up whilst listening to High School Musical soundtracks on Spotify, I guess you cant always fully grow up and Troy is forever.

DON'T PANIC! My young adolescent friends there is some advantages to this getting old malarkey, some more sensible than others. For one there's house decorating, I think I've been excited for that since my first trip to IKEA. Then again there's the bills that go all long with it, but nothing a hard miserable job won't fix. Just kidding I'm a big believer in getting a job you enjoy, no one wants to wake up every morning dreading the day ahead. That's not a way to live. So even if it takes a little longer to get there work that bit harder so your always happy to wake up and cease the day. 

If this post doesn't motivate you to become the next Barack Obama then I'm not sure what bloody will.

Growing up also means your parents don't have as much of a say in what you do which is again both good and bad. Good because you can go party hard with your 'squad' until you cannot walk or see straight but bad because growing up also means you may not see your parents as much. Some people may enjoy that freedom but for me personally it's going to be hard to leave the nest and not come home to my amazing mum when I've had a crappy day. HOWEVER moving out doesn't mean you can't see your parents, make time to see them or you'll regret it. Wow this is getting depressing. Just love your family cos they swag as hell. 

I'm still not sure about the purpose of this post but I just rolled with it. Just like you should roll with life because one thing I can tell you that makes sense is that you will never have control over your life, never. No matter what you do something is always either gonna mess it up or make it better. It's gonna rain or shine and the only thing you can do to get through it is think "yolo".

That is the end of my inspirational speech.

If you haven't noticed I've taken a more informal approach to blogging as I've also come to the attention that everyone is being too serious which isn't good for anyone, so once in a while write that far fetched post where you just ramble about nothing because WHY THE BLOODY HELL NOT!

Em x


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