Sunday, 3 January 2016

Most Disliked Books

Hey guys I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New years! I'm finally gonna start blogging more regular and have decided to start a YouTube, I just need to sort out editing software and then you can finally watch my pretty face talk mountains of shite. #ParadiseRight? 

Okay so I LOVE books but these are some of the ones I thought kinda sucked, these are my opinions and I still think you should all read these books because I am only one person with a certain taste of books so there's a large chance you'll love them. 

First of all is The Spectacular Now, there is also a film for this as with all the books except for the Wreck it journal. Endings are a big deal for me, so if a book has a crappy ending it can sometimes ruin the whole thing for me. This book also didn't have anything major going on throughout which was disappointed because I did really enjoy the film and normally the books are always better. Its a really cute story about a guy on the rebound who falls in love with a unexpectedly wonderful girl and things get like really bad and the ending is really anti climax which made me madddd. As I say however, read it for yourself and tell me what you think!

Next up is Wreck This Journal now I know this is a loved one of many, but I actually hate it. I'm a book lover therefore i cant stand even a folded page, so when a book is telling me to drag it to the doors of hell (slight exaggeration) I can't stand it. Also most of the things seem unrealistic, like how am I supposed to keep a book with rotting marshmallows in it. HoW? So if you like ruining things for all eternity this is the one for you. 

 I don't want to sound hypercritical when I say I didn't enjoy Paper Towns, as I have wrote a author review on John Green because I do love his books. I did love paper towns until once again the ending disappointed me, spoiler alert guys. So the whole book is about finding the girl and it's an amazing descriptive adventure of teens, everything's fine and dandy until the last chapter. When they finally find the bitch that's been messing with their lives, she admits that she didn't want to be found... I mEan ComE ON. I actually wanted to punch her, there wasn't even a kiss, the whole book was pointless kinda like monopoly. HOWEVER if you love John Green like I do, then go buy this book because it is beautiful until the end of course. Also I haven't seen the film so I don't have an opinion on that. 

The last book is Perks of being a wallflower. Okay I'm gonna start of saying this book wasn't even that bad but the format it was written in was a bit of a pain in the ass. It's wrote in letter form and I both love and hate it for that reason. I know, it's weird. The actual story is beautiful and tragic at the same time which is why I do actually love the book. The film is just as amazing too, so the reason it's on the list is that I was kinda distracted by the layout but as I've said with them all give it a chance and you may love it. 

So that was my list, with all these books I didn't hate any of them just disliked. I know I'm not being very regular with my posts but I have mock exams and I'm not wanting to force myself to blog as that's when you stop enjoying things. Thanks for reading!

Emily x



  1. I actually love wreck this journal because sometimes I'm in the mood to be destructive and creative. I have to agree with you on Paper Towns, I didn't really love it :(

    1. I did enjoy the creative side but im too ocd haha! I'm glad I am not the only one when it comes to Paper Towns though!x


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