Thursday, 4 February 2016

Meet Lola Smith

My angel faced kitten, Lola. 

It was my birthday on the 31st of January and I turned 16, the Friday before I came home from school totally unaware of who I was about to meet. I walked in and my mum asked me to check the front room to see if she'd left the TV on and I was like HOLD UP what you hiding from me in the kitchen (room farthest away from the front room). So I walk in all smug like "cool ill sit in here while you sneak about" however when I walked in there was a cage in the corner. I COULDN'T EVEN SEE HER because she was so black against the blanket she was asleep in.

So basically there was crying and lots of aww's but yeah I thought I would introduce you guys to her after I have exploited her cuteness with a overload of adorable photos. You may be thinking "aww I bet she is an absolute dream" WELL NO Lola literally bites my arm and raps her body around it and holds on for dear life with her sharp ass claws. Ow indeed. I would just like to point out that by writing this I'm not being a bragger but I just thought I would share her face with the world. 

Well now you know her here is some more cute photos, sorry not sorry. 

Em & Lola x

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