Monday, 15 February 2016

New Make Up Purchases


So I popped into TK MAXX to see if the Real Techniques brushes would be cheaper (they were) and I stumbled into some bloody brilliant bargains. I thought I would write this so that I could share my excitement and if you live in Bradford nip to Forster square ASAP cos there some of the palettes and bronzers left.

First up The Balm Cosmetics palette The Balm Voyage, I was looking at the make up shelves not expecting much and then I realised this was from The Balm which is quite expensive in my opinion. So when turning it over I was cautious as to how much it could be, HOWEVER I was very pleasantly surprised when it said £16.99! It retails for £26.99, which caused a problem when I thought to put it back but couldn't bring myself to leave such a god send of a bargain. It's such a beautiful palette and It's purpose of being a travel palette is spot on as there is everything in this. Highlighter, eye-shadow, blush, lips and contour/bronzer. If you weren't emotionally attached to other products like me you could just take this on your holiday and be fine. I'll add some photos below of the inside. 

Apologies for the god awful layout of the pictures, Blogger is testing my patience and so is Lola. Next thing I saw was the Real Techniques brushes as I needed a blush brush since my best friend was a legend and got me a mac blush for my birthday (love you dude). So I was in need of a brush so I could use it and seen as though Real technique is my favourite brand I though I'd treat myself to one. Plus it was cheaper in TK Maxx by £2, still though that's a lot to save when you think about it. 

Last but not least is the Two faced bronzer which I got for £10 and it retails for £23 so I am super impressed at that, I got the soul mates bronzer paired with the coral shade. This is an amazing bronzer for giving your face a more warm look and natural as it has warm undertones with the coral shade, I wouldn't recommend contouring with it if you have lighter skin like me as it may show up a tad orange or shall we say orange toned.

SO those are my most recent make up purchases I am sure there will be more once I have a job and acquire more dolla. Peace out losers!

Em x

(your not really losers please don't stop reading my posts, pls)


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