Saturday, 20 February 2016


What is peace? How can I find peace? Is everybody's peace different? 
These are some of the questions that me, Britain's best philosopher, will kindly answer for you today. I would first like to state that I'm not a very peaceful person, as I'm writing this am in quite the bad mood HOWEVER I thought by maybe writing this I would bring me some peace. Just a little. 

This post is one of many that I improvise and have no idea where they're going to go, I just let the juices flow and hope for the best. When I think of peace I picture a quiet place with ponds, sunshine and comfy cushions, somewhere that no one can bother me and I can just chill without a single worry. You see I am quite the worrier so when i find those moments where my mind is free from the daily stresses of life I suddenly become very peaceful and happy. Most of these moments I have in the cinema, I know it sounds weird but in that 2 hours your in a different world totally out of reality and its amazing. My mind isn't thinking about school or the future it's instead focused on Ryan Renold's abs or Chloe Mortez' immaculate make up despite the apocalypse happening around her. You know, the important things in life. 

I think everyone's peace is different, some find it in a book others on a crowded dance floor with all their friends surrounding them. Some can even find peace in more than one places, there's probably some lucky bitches out there that are always peaceful, imagine. I don't think peace is as enjoyable when you have it constantly, ever hear your mum tell you to take your coat off or you wont feel the benefit when you get outside? well it's kind of like that, if you had it all the time it wouldn't be special any more.  

Your probably thinking "what a load of shit, what even is peace?" well to answer the first part I know but just keep with me. The second part is more complicated, Google defines peace as "freedom from disturbance; tranquillity" I guess that agrees with my peace but not everyone's, peace is different to you depending on how you live day to day, if you have a busy life you probably find peace in a quiet place.  If your life is pretty laid back and slow you might want to do adventurous things. Everyone's different. 


So I'm sorry if I just wasted your life but I was feeling deep and wanted to talk about some important. I'd also like to say thank you to my readers as there has been a spike in page views which I was pleasantly surprised by so thank you for that guys. Keep reading and I'll keep posting. 

Em x


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