Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Constant Struggle With Motivation

Hello everybody I'm Emily Smith! And I am back! Yes I have come out of my blogging slump after falling out of love with it, once again my motivation for blogging has gone to zero. Part of this was due to me thinking about YouTube but nonetheless here I am trying to scrounge for the much needed motivation. WHICH BRINGS ME ONTO THE TOPIC OF TODAY'S POST FUNNILY ENOUGH.

Motivation. We all want it, we all need it and we all don't have enough of it. It's an endless struggle, finding the motivation to get up when your first alarm goes off, or to take your make up off when you really don't want to. We all have those moments where we ask ourselves "Can I really be bothered?" and the answer most times is unfortunately NoPe. But I am really trying to tell that little voice in my head that there is always time for things that will make your life better/easier in the near future.

So I have decided to start only thinking positive thoughts and focus on me more and how I'll be effected by things and not so much everyone else. I need to think about making Emily a better person and clearing my mind of worry and thinking of other peoples opinions. My problem is that I worry so much about little things I make myself ill and it's not worth the hassle or upset. Just focus on you bro. I have also decided to start walking to and from school everyday to loose some weight that's being bugging me for years, I think just by doing it and not planning everything so much I can put it into my routine much more quicker and naturally. Some times we see things as such a mammoth task and this stops us from even attempting to do it when in reality its something tiny that will make a big difference. 

I think I'm not making any sense. BUT I think we should all just chill out and stop stressing as it's not healthy for us. I know its so easy for me to say that and I'll always be a stresshead but maybe just go easy on yourself and focus on what your doing now and now what you need to do in a week or month. As my mother would say "there's no point worrying about it until it's actually happening" you may think what a ball of baloney but it's actually helped me through some really stressful times so you know Open mind and everything. 

I hope it didn't seem like lots of sentences in the wrong order but the main message is; 
Enjoy life we don't have a long one and it may be shorter than you think so don't spend it being upset, worried or stressed. 

How do you cope with stress? Tell me in the comments!

 Em x 


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  1. I've been having quite the opposite effect this year, I think I'm more determined and motivated about blogging, and being healthy than I've ever been! I never really struggled much with motivation, it was always procrastination that ended up leaving me feeling stressed. The best stress coping mechanism I have, is being outdoors. I've always been an outdoors person, whether its being physically active by going for a walk, or a cycle or just going outside to take in some fresh air x


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