Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bralettes Baby!

So today I am taking about not only one of my favourite recent fashion trends but what seems like millions of women's.
Bralettes are not only the prettiest things that have come from the lingerie industry but also one of the comfiest things too. I mean I don't have to look forward to taking my bra off at the end of the day because bralettes don't cause that everyday discomfort that normal underwired bras do. So today I am going to go through some of my favourite bralette styles and how to wear them with everyday clothes and also where you can get the best bralettes for reasonable prices! A lil disclaimer for you guys, most of the photos aren't mine but I will give credit to the source.

TOPSHOP; This is a bralette I bought in the sale as this time of the year there isn't a shop with those big red letters plastered on the window. I luckily managed to find the only one to be my size and I haven't stopped wearing it since. The style is more of a plunge, as it covers more of the outer boob than inner but is still highly comfortable. Other features I love are the lace straps as it means you can wear it with a vest without thinking about ugly thick bra straps that would usually cause you to wear an EXTREMELY painful strapless bra. Its also very good in the support category as it has a band around the bottom which acts as if it were a wired bra but without the digging sensation and unnatural fit. All this loveliness for £7 (was originally £14 out of the sale) due to it being in the sale there may not be some left however I'll link some similar from other sources below; 
*This image belongs to LACEYLOVESLINGERIE
and is an image of their making*

LACEYLOVESLINGERIE; I recently discovered this company on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her products, which she HAND MAKES by the way. They are made to order which gives them a wonderful personal touch and they are the prettiest things(she does other things then bralettes too!) I haven't chosen just one to talk about as there is lots and lots of ones that you can order plus some are exclusive others you can always buy so definitely go check out her Facebook and Instagram which ill link below. The reason I've added this company to my list is because small businesses need more support and her products are made so brilliantly that I think she deserves more recognition and even more orders. 

So without rambling even more I'll leave it at that, please go check out Lacey loves lingerie and I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for reading,

Em x


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