Sunday, 31 July 2016

Exfoliator Of The Century!

Hello everybody! I'm finally back into blogging and I've decided to smash out some posts while I'm motivated af! So lately I've also got back into my skincare routine which I will write a post about on a later date. 

Therefore I wanted to talk about a product I have been absolutely loving! I won this product in a fellow bloggers giveaway a month or so ago (Her blog is Robowecop if your interested, you should be its bloody great) and I've actually fallen in love with it. Many people only use exfoliators once or twice a week but this is so god damn moisturising that its great for dry skin as it gets rid of your dead skin and leaves your face feeling soft at the same time. It's made with honey and camelina which means the scent is SO beautiful that I could massage this shit into my face for dayssss. 

Another pro of this product is that the brand actively work to promote bee keeping and planting wild flowers in meadows across Britain, this is SO important as bees pollinate 30% of the worlds food and without them our Eco system will crash and our daily sights such as flowers and fruit trees will begin to decline. So please plant flowers, save bees when they accidentally enter the house and leave them to do their magical stuff! Back to the product, the ingredient that actually exfoliates are FLOWERS! Are you kidding me, that is so awesome, milled lavender flowers remove and lift dead skin cells without scratching you or causing skin irritation. I mean it's like Disney created this stuff!

So that's all i have to say, but honest if you have dry skin I would highly recommend this you can buy it here on their website. 


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