Friday, 29 July 2016

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette!

Okay so I did a little 'treat yo self' when my friend drew my attention to the website Beauty Bay which had restocked a palette we had previously died over. It was the Violet Voss pro palette 'Holy Grail' and we both bloody went mental as it is a limited edition palette which sells out like a mother fudger. 

So after having a good 10 minutes deciding whether to spend my dolla on this beauty and coming up with endless excuses I ordered it, along with a Morphe brush. The palette was £34 which for 20 shades is a very reasonable price to me when you consider that Urban Decay palettes are £38 and only have twelve shades (one of the ways I convinced myself to buy it).

The palette is mostly made up of warm shades in a variety of glitters, satin's and mattes. I would like to point out that the glitter/shimmer shades are SO BLOODY PIGMENTED like holy crap. The shades have a creamy blend-able feel to them and the mattes are less pigmented but are very build-able and very useful I mean there's literally one called 'Transition'. The names are very cute and witty, my favourite being 'How U doin' like Joey from Friends is bae guys come on! 

Overall this is a very fun versatile palette that can be used for super glam night time looks or subtle pretty throughout the day looks. You really cannot go wrong for the price, the only downfall is that its limited edition meaning its very hard to get your hands on it which also means when you hit pan on one of these bad boys your pretty screwed.  

So if you can get your hands on it and you will not be sorry!
As always thank you for reading,

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