Wednesday, 10 August 2016

24 Hours In Liverpool (Part One)

Hello everybody! Look at me posting consistently, I know right? Anyways this Monday I visited Liverpool with my mum for a little treat and it was bloody lovely!
I'm going to split this post in two as there's a lot to talk about to say we were only there for 24 hours. First of all the weather wasn't cracking but I was glad as it meant I could wear big coats and jeans instead of having to worry about wearing shorts which is always a plus. I'll start off with the place we stayed in which was formerly (wait for it) a PRISON. Yes I know what your thinking, bet it was a right sh*t hole, but no it actually wasn't.

This was the corridor we were on and look how amazing this is? They've kept all the original brick work, even the shutters where they gave the prisoners their food were still there I mean they weren't functional but it was a nice touch. Inside the rooms were very minimalist and clean looking, everything was white and there was a picture hanging of Kurt Cobain's mug shot and my mum said that each room has a different celebs mug shot hung in it which I thought was pretty cool. 

We couldn't check in until three so that gave us the perfect excuse to shop and eat lots of cheesecake in Patisserie Valerie (omg it was So nice), the first store we stumbled across was FOREVER 21. I nearly died, bare in mind the closest forever 21 to me is in fact Liverpool so we went straight in and did our damage which I will be uploading a haul of at a later date. Then we went into Liverpool One which is a fancy outdoor shopping centre in which we found the treasure Pull and Bear, which were having a bloody brilliant sale. I got a beauty pair of jeans for £8! I think they should have been like £28 or something me and my mum once again died, after picking a few more things up we browsed a few more places and went to our hotel. 

Right that's it for part one, part two shall be put up shortly when I get chance but for now leave a comment and say hi!

Em x


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