Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The New L'oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

As I've said In my previous post I'm getting back into skincare routine and I wanted to add to my Mask collection, when me and my bestfriend stumbled onto this we were chuffed it was on offer. L'oreal have brought out 3 Pure Clay masks in three different colours and each one gives you a different result. You can just use one or you can buy them all and use them in different areas or I guess in an order. 

We both bought the Detox mask which is supposed to detoxify and cleanse your pores which it kinda did and didn't. After having it on for 10 minutes and washing it off I could tell my pores had decreased in size but that didn't last long weirdly. However in the morning my skin was so bloody soft (i would like to say I applied toner and an overnight serum on after this) and clear than its ever been. You only have to apply a very thin layer for it to work which means your not going through this crazy fast, it goes on black and dries a light grey which is when we decided to wash it off. It has charcoal in it which i think is the ingredient that's supposed to clear out your pores and detoxify your skin leaving it fresh and clear. 
These masks are on offer at the moment at boots for £5 so your saving £2.99, get your sen down there lads! 

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  1. Charcoal is amazing for your skin and really helps clear it up! I actually got this in the green one (can't remember the name!) and I though the same as you, it helped but not for that long
    Laura x

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