Saturday, 13 August 2016

What Makes Me Happy

I would like to start this out by saying this is a collaborative post with whytehappenednext as we both wanted to spread the happiness, Steph is doing a happiness challenge over on her blog so go check that out too! SO without further a do lets get on with it. Here is my top 3 things that make me happy!

Family: I think family is the most important thing in the world as many people would agree, therefore when i spend time with them it makes me so happy. To be specific I love it when me and my brother go to the cinema or just play Xbox as it makes me think back to when we were little and he'd get mad at me for being so shit at playing gta but we'd both laugh because I was actually that bad. Or when I go to my grandparents house and I put every single snap chat filter on my granddad and laugh until I cry. It's those little things that make life easier.

Friends: I would like to talk specifically about my best friend Lucy who is my lil nugget, we've been best friends for just over 5 years now and she also belongs in the family category. We've been on holiday with each other 3 times and it will be 5 times by the end of this year. I also have a great group of friends which are total idiots but I guess that's also why were friends too, Shout out to the homies. 

Music: Music has always been a huge part of my life as my mother is really into rock music and pretty much anything. So I've developed the same outlook on music, I don't have a favourite genre but as long as the song/album is good I'm there. The CD's I've been loving are The 1975's new album and You're a man now boy by Raleigh Ritchie as they're so both chill but the songs are so brill on them. I love the feeling when you find that favourite song and you just cant stop listening to it until you cant stand it anymore, but you keep playing anyway for even just that amazing chorus or guitar solo. 

So there you have it, the three things that make me happy, please go check out steph's post and leave a comment!

Em x

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