Sunday, 12 February 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Welcome back my lovelies! I'm on a roll at the moment so I'm whipping out blog posts left, right and centre. It was my birthday at the end of January so my beautiful bunch of friends all put money in to get me this godly palette and some tasty af american chocolate (shoutout to lu for getting dat cookie and cream hershey you know me G) So I thought since it's quite expensive I would share my opinion in case you're pondering your decision to buy this puppy. Enjoy the sexy images, you're welcome. 

So the palette is based on warm tones found in Renaissance paintings such as blood oranges, taupes and deep pinks. So naturally I'm in bloody love I mean what a perfect palette for every occasion, every season and every time of day. It has transition shades, crease shades and bright bold tones that will make any look pop of your beautiful lil faces. This palette would be amazing to travel with because of the fact it has all the types of shades you'd need to create a flawless eye look. Gotta say 'Red Ochre' is probably my favourite shade, I've been into my rusty orange, warm brick red colours at the minute maybe I'm still stuck in autumn but who TF cares amma right? I'll pop in some swatches below from the Anastasia site with swatches on different skin tones for you guys and gyals. 

I'm gonna leave it there guys you can buy The Modern Renaissance Palette from Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty or the Anastasia Website  the price for pretty much everywhere is £41 which may seem a lot but if you are wanting great quality then it is worth it. 

What palettes have you bought recently? Do you have The Modern Renaissance? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Leave your comments below! 

Thanks, Em x

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