Thursday, 9 February 2017

Blogging Goals For 2017

Welcome to Auburn Em, it hasn't always looked this swaggy but I realised that to get anything from this blog like I am hoping to do then I have to invest both time and money into it, therefore I bought a beautiful classic theme from the company Pipdig! They have some beautiful themes which for the results they give are so worth the money, also I have never found something so easy to install by myself its great! Right so on the post my G's.
I know these kinds of posts are normally done in January but January was a bag of shit so lets pretend February is the new January okay? thank you darls x SO he are my 3 major blogging goals!

Okay so first goal is to reach at least 1,000 page views per month, this may be a big goal or a rather small one to some of you but I think this amount would give me the confidence of feeling like I have a constant audience. I'm also no expected Y'all to get hooked straight away my content needs to better and I am working on my photos! Please keep coming back to read ill try be entertaining *gets on knees and begs* no I'm kidding...

Second goal is to work with at least one brand, that would be SO cool, I'm not talking fricking Urban decay don't get me wrong but a little stand alone online business or something would be awesome. It comes to working up to things again you cant always be an overnight sensation and I'd like to build myself slowly anyways because then when you get success I feel like you've earned it more.

Thirdly, I would love for all my social media accounts to be over a thousand followers (omg by the way my accounts are linked on the icons in my side bar wow how convenient its like I put them on there for this exact reason no way) The reason for this is not popularity but so I can get my blog out there and created contacts with people its would just be nice to chat and meet other bloggers *if I can call myself a blogger*

There we have it homies I know it's been short but its my first blog post this year so I didn't want to waffle too much! Let me know how your new years going and what your goals are for this year blogging or not!

Thanks, Em x


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