Thursday, 23 February 2017

Where To Look When Inspiration Is Lacking

Well I was supposed to blog everyday this week but I've either been busy or exhausted so this is the first post I've managed to do. Normally the reason is that I lack both the motivation and the inspiration THEREFORE I'm writing this post both help me and those of you that suffer from the same dilemma.

 Okay so the first place I look is at the fellow bloggers around me, both on Twitter and Instagram. It's so easy in this world to want to compete against those around you or even compare your achievements to others which I am guilty of myself. My favourite people to look to when I'm feeling really uncreative are:

Robowecop- a family friend of mine, I've seen her blog grow into the fantastic monster it is today and Rhianna couldn't be any less of an inspiration to me if she tried.
HannahfGale- Her style, insta photos and personality come across as a ray of sunshine, as a full time blogger Hannah shows everyone that it's possible to get the job you love.
Helen Anderson- Helen is probably the coolest person I've ever come across both with her style and her Youtube videos I mean they're so different to anything else I've seen.
(I'll link their blogs at the end so you can find the rest of their links too!)

The second source of inspiration is Pinterest, I look at Pinterest for everything in my life whether it be clothes, workout or food related inspiration that's where I go. Its the easiest thing to use, just type in keywords of what your looking for then KAPOW endless pretty inspirational photos. It's just the place where you can go when your ideas are lacking and just find lil bits of goodness.

The last place is actually only really personal to me, I have a scrapbook and inside there is a page where I have one note stuck onto it. Its the note I recieved from the first brand I ever collaborated with, The Paperdashery, and I've left the rest of it blank in hope that I would be getting more opportunities to collab with brands. This was maybe a year ago and since then I had decided that blogging was not for me and it never was going to be. This is until I realised how much I enjoy blogging and that I would love for it to be my everyday job, that's why it means so much to think that there are people out there who have made it and can truly say they love their everyday job. So that plank page motivates and inspires me to create content and be constantly work my hardest.

Thank you for reading guys, let me know in the comments below where you find inspiration!

thanks, Em x 


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