Wednesday, 1 March 2017

February Favourites

It's bloody March already?! Anyone else kinda still want it to go faster? Life has been extremely stressful at the moment what with school being compulsory hell and exercise the Anti-Christ himself. Anyway some brilliant things have come out of February, here are some things that I've been LIVING for. 

I've wanted one of these lip scrubs for AGES but always held back because of the price which is ridiculous as its only £5.95 and the product is full to the brim with that beautiful shit. I mean it tastes SO good which helps as you do need to eat it off your face once its exfoliated dem lips of yours. Boy does it exfoliate i mean my lips feel like silky silkiness, It even feels moisturising maybe that's the honey. 

I mean what a cult fave right? I got this for Christmas and I've been in love ever since it not only holds your fleeked brows in place it can also add a more full look. It also makes them SO much neater which results in you being more of a boss ass bitch than ever, what's to complain about right? This retails at £18, so I wanna thank the Bestie!

Kat Von D being on Debenhams is the best thing EVER! I bought 'Lolita' which is the shade above *I'd just like to say its lighter than that in real life lol K bye* a while back, both the formula and colour is out of this world. It doesn't feel heavy or drying its just lightweight and vibrant. The Tattoo liner in 'Trooper' is possibly the best eyeliner out there, its jet black and the easiest thing to use. It's nib is so thin that you can achieve the sharpest wing , just in case that bitch at school keeps giving you crap y'all can cut her. *not really I don't condone violence, unless they rly deserve lol byye*. 

This moisturiser has changed the game for me, let me tell you. I have bad dry sensitive skin especailly throughout the winter so when I happened to come across this lil lifesaver, I was v v happy. Its not super thick but holds it shape, it soaks in quite fast but I like it when your moisturiser stays sticky for long as it helps when applying foundation to have a sticky base. It takes that tight feeling away from your skin when you know its dry as sand. 

The other items I wanted to quickly chat about or else this post will go on for a decade, The Collection Concealer is pretty much a cult fave here in the UK and I've finally realised why. After a rocky start with it I used it the other day and its high coverage and blendable consistency hit me like a brick like DAMN bitch I see you. The modern renaissance palette, ya'll already know, cos I wrote a post about it here. The bar that's on that fit ass photo at the top of the post is a Harvest morn one from Aldi, I'm not sponsored by the way *brands hit me up* but they're are SO nice they have either yoghurt or chocolate on the bottoms. With granola and dried fruit on the top they're healthy too, no where to go wrong m8. 

Right well that's me done ma G's, let me know if you love these too! 

Thanks, Em x 


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