Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mini Bedroom Tour!

I've been struggling to get a post out so I thought I'd give you a mini tour of my favourite parts of my room! It's not gonna be a long cos I'm up to my ears with essays for school but I couldn't not get a post up, cos you know priorities...

So my bed which is the photo above is of course the best thing about any room, the place where you sleep and for me a comfy lil office where I get most of my work done. The grey and green cushion covers were from IKEA, I think they were about £3.99 each which was really great. The black cushions I'm not much of a fan of but when hopefully your gal earns some more dollar I'll replace them with some cute patterned ones. The fairy lights above are from Primark, they're little chevron diamond shaped card with lights inside, they aren't very bright but they look cute unlit so. 

This is my skull from Morrison's that had a different plant in however it passed on, I'm rubbish with plants sometimes but this Aloe Vera plant from IKEA has lasted quite well. The skull planter was a Halloween limited edition and only cost about £5, and believe me it's very hefty. The little skull is something my mum brought me back from America, I've tried to make my room have a day of the dead, south American theme hence the skulls. The tea light holders I got for Christmas so I'm not entirely sure where they're from, but they are actually the most instagramable candles I've seen ever. 

In my cubby hole, I stash my favourite Cd's and cloth bound penguin classic books, I'm planning on buying some more Cd's as I enjoy having them in person instead of just a digital copy. The books are 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'The Picture of Dorian Grey', these special copies are so pretty and great quality, again I hope to collect the rest of them to have a full set. Once again a cute as fook candle.  

Last but not least the top of my chest of drawers, got my fave plant in the world from IKEA duh. Also a jewellery holder I've had for years, I only keep my silver stuff on there so it doesn't look so disorganised or messy. Then there's my jar of rings which I found is a great simplistic way of storing things, behind that a milk bottle glass that I was supposed to take back into the kitchen but has stayed there instead and I kinda love it. Don't worry its clean. Then providing a some colour a tea light holder my cousin got me when I was little, the colours are muted so its not garish at all. Finally my giant E that momma bear got me, its got bulbs around it and I bloody love it so much. 

So yeah that turned into a much longer post than expected, let me know if you have any questions or even suggestions on how you style your belongings! 

Thanks, Em x 


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