Monday, 20 March 2017

My school experience: Year 7-9

I have been struggling with thinking of what to write today and my best friend Lu, tweeted me saying I should write about her which put me onto the idea of writing about my school experience and everyone and everything that happened. 

So Year 7, I thought was going to be terrible, I was joining my secondary with only one other boy from my primary all my other friends went elsewhere. I basically nearly shat myself when I walked into a dinner hall full of people my age who pretty much all knew each other. I was dreading making friends and thought that I'd be that cliche who sits in the toilet to eat lunch, however that would have been impossible seen as though you cant take food out of the dinner hall. My first PE lesson I tagged along with a girl who was my cousins neighbour, didn't like her too much but she was nice enough. Anyway she knew another girl who I wasn't really much of a fan of, but this gal had a girl with her. My soon to be bestie of 5 years, Lucy Neve Webster. Shout out to you G.

Year 8 was filled with a soul destroying crush which makes me laugh out loud when I think about it now, but like anything when your young and in the situation it feels like life or death. I was doing pretty well in school and was quickly making friends with those around me, everything was pretty chill and great. However there was this underlying thing with Boys, I felt that there was something wrong with me because I wasn't getting the attention some of the girl around me were receiving. I just want to say if anyone young or even my age is feeling this, I promise you IT IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. It feels like the worst thing in the world but I can assure you it's not only gonna pass but your gonna meet so many more people outside of school that will like you and want to get to know you. When your young all you think about is school and that's what your life revolves around so when it does come to boys or girls you think that there's only the ones in school who are future baes. Nah it's wrong guys, focus on your education and looking after yourself cos first of all Lads (for me) are not worth all the emotional distress and everything happens in good time so don't rush life or you'll definitely regret it. 

So Year 9 I was pretty much ginger lets be honest, I think I may have been starting with my braces so my confidence was at an all time low. Not that it ever effected my relationships with my family or friends I'm very lucky even now to have been always surrounded by wonderful caring people. However if you're not happy in yourself it can be hard to be happy altogether. Once again everything came with time, I got used to the braces, Lucy made me feel swagger as hell by saying I looked awesome and was like the cool teen off of films. My grades were still pretty good but I found myself being the girl who no one really knew, I was just there every now and again popping up with my huge smile and out of control hair. I never was the source of drama or had any rumours spread about me, so I was pretty lucky in that way and that's how I realised I wasn't the same as everyone, and it made me proud to be myself and say daft shit, dress how the fuck I wanted and try be joyful everyday cracking out some quality banter with whoever would listen or not. It's not always the best thing to be the centre of attention, those who really care will find you and love you for who you are no matter what.

So that's a short summary of a long 3 years, If you guys enjoyed this I think I'll upload a post on years 10 and 11 too, let me know in the comments G's. 

Thanks, Em x

( the photo is from 2013 when I first came into contact with my drunk brother, twas' a great night) 

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