Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sterotypes of women and why they're bullshit

Here are some things that in the past and present have been thought of women, not just women but lets face it yeah women. Can I also say I'm not saying just men say these things. 

Obsessed with shopping- I'm sorry my brother comes home with a new pair of trainers nearly every week.
'Belong in the Kitchen'- As Gordon Ramsey would say ( A man by the way) Fuck Off. 
Weaker than a man- Want to go a ring with Nicola Adams?
Wear way too much makeup- Didn't realise there was a universal limit on makeup, but on that note you're giving way too much of your opinion where it's not been asked. 
"That's not Ladylike"- Didn't realise we were in Pride and Prejudice love. I can fucking burp if I want.
Not that intelligent- Heres an example, JK Rowling wrote a series of books making a $21 billion franchise all through her own imagination, What's that again? Not that intelligent? Do one. 

Seen as though its International Women's Day I thought I'd get a long awaited rant out, I'm wanting to speak on more important social issues and this is one I find fucking important. I'm not saying in anyway that this is the biggest only problem in the world because its not, everyone has problems but I chose to address this problem in this post on this day. Deal with it. Women are not weak, we are not stupid or meant to be expected to cook and clean for others. It just gets me mad how can we be any different other than our genetics to men, like why are you paying women different why? give me one good reason. 

WE are CEO's, WE are Gold Medalists, WE are role models and WE are not here to just look good we're here to succeed and 
be who the fuck we want. 

As Always Thanks, Em x 


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