Thursday, 2 March 2017

What Being A Beginner Feels Like

I chose to write this post because its very related to the way I've been feeling lately, It's so hard to learn or start something new because of how either crap or inexperienced you are at it. Unless your a natural of course. I haven't put anything specific in the title because I'm feeling pretty crap about a couple of things at the minute.

The first being blogging, I mean its so disheartening when you put your heart and soul into a post and get hardly any page-views or comments, this has been the case for a while for me actually. I'll post a photo on Instagram and it'll look shit or not get the response I wanted. I found from this that the thing I need to learn to do is not post something in hopes of more likes and views. That's the virtual way to gain false happiness and there's nothing sentimental or personal about getting more strangers looking at your content. It should matter more for you to look at your work like you would a lil doggo, ecstatic and full of joy.

 Another problem we have as humans is that we have this issue with looking at the people around us and comparing ourselves to them, I find myself thinking I'm a failure because of something a 5 year blogger has achieved, like how crazy is that? I can't except things to go from 0-100 real quick without time, effort and a lot of passion. One of my hopes for Auburn Em is also for it to not fall into the sea of bloggers and become invisible, I would love for my content to have something a little different than others not because it needs to but I just want to talk about subjects that aren't normally spoken about. Anyway I digress, starting blogging is so much tougher than anyone thinks, you have no idea how to make your blog look good, you don't know what content people like and if your anything like me your photos will start off SHITE. It's like your dropped into the ocean without a boat, diving gear or oxygen but then you look up and there's a group of people on a sexy cruise ship. The people on the cruise ship being experienced successful bloggers and the beginners being the stranded lil beans. But like anything else you gotta tread water for a while, fight off a few sharks and avoid the jelly fish to get on that bloody boat just like everyone's had to. The harder you try the better the success is, you can look out of that cruise ship and think "You know what? I fucking did it."

Anyway speech/rant over, guys lets just seize the fucking day everyday okay? Nice one. 

Thankyou always, Em x 

(sorry for all the swearing and ocean based analogies) 


  1. Such a great post! I totally get where you are coming from!

    1. Thankyou! Its so great knowing that people can relate! x


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