Monday, 13 March 2017

What I've learnt In The Past Year

Trying not to start every post with the word 'so'... So basically at the minute I've been thinking about the past present and future and how they've changed me as well as where I think I want to end up. This got me thinking about all the shit I've been through and the lessons I've learnt from this, so to spread the word of Jesus (nah I'm kidding) I thought I shall write a post for ya'll out there needing some good ole advice from your true friend Em *winks*. 

First things first (I'm the realest) we all need to stop taking ourselves so seriously, stop thinking about what you look like twenty four seven and just have fun. Life is WAY too fucking short to not get up and dance or scream your ugly laugh across the room, because when were have wrinkles covering our eyeballs it's the ones who were too scared to look like a bit of a twat that will have regrets. I mean don't get me wrong there's times where I see myself on a Snapchat and I'm like "The fuck is that specimen" but It's normally when I'm having the best time that I do look like a demented seal. The thing is yeah people might remember you for your consistent good looks but I'd SO much rather be remembered for being a bloody idiot with all the shit jokes that kept everyone smiling. 

Next up, Happiness. If something or someone is making you feel unhappy, MATE you have to either fix that thing or detox your life of it/them. It's not worth all the upset you're feeling now for something you can't seem to let go of. I've been feeling like this about my job, which to other people is nothing but I get ill every week before it because of my anxiety however instead of quitting like I was planning on doing I thought no, you're not a quitter. You go every week and slay your job the best you can. And I've been trying to do that ever since, and believe me there have been times where I could just walk out but it think of that sweet mula. 

 This is gonna be my final point cos this post is turning into a 3000 word essay. WHO GIVES A FUCK REALLY? Oh you're worried that stranger in the city centre just gave you a funny look? The chances of you ever seeing that person again or even of you recognising each other is slim to none. You did an embarrassing thing? Yeah it's probably gonna suck for a while but after less than a few days it will be forgotten and no one will even blink an eyelid when they see you. Even if that dumb shit did follows you like toilet paper on your foot, laugh about it chances are that it will make the situation so much easier and no one will even think of it as a bad thing anymore. 

Guys life is way to short to hold grudges, not laugh at the highest decibel and dance your funky pants off. 

Much love always, Em x 


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  1. You're totally right, you're only going to enjoy life if you let go a bit! I really need to stop worrying about other people and crap like that so much. Thanks, Em!!

    Joe | x


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